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August 2015 Collection

August 1
Are you brave enough to venture into the uncharted terrain of Omen Islands?
You can at least look the part with this months new collection now available in the Cash Shop.

August 2015 Collection
Inside you'll find your choice of these items:

Fierce Tigrean Statuette | Untamed Serpenth Statuette
(The wigs transform)

Being Buff by Songaa | Boid | Poison-Filled Gourds

Gooli Beanbag | Enchanted Sea Witch Fins | Decadent Omen Island Fruit Salad

Mystical Golden Jaguar Plushie | Golden Manchu Relic | Islander Tattoo Tools

The new and improved Delphi Carnival

July 31
Whats this!?  There's a Carnival Prize Tent?!  Now that's the way to get my hands on those illusive game-of-chance prizes that I can get excited about!  Except the clowns.. I'm not a fan of clowns.  *shudders* 

Sorry, lost my train of thought there, as I was saying, head on over to the Delphi Carnival and try your luck!

Big Collar Clown Doll | Boxing Glove Clown Doll | High Waisted Clown Doll

Mismatched Shoes Clown Doll | Puffy Shoulders Clown Doll | Lion Cuddle Buddy

Otter Cuddle Buddy | Raccoon Cuddle Buddy | Seal Cuddle Buddy

Zebra Cuddle Buddy | Fairground Pest | Carnival Dice Sticker

Ferris Wheel Sticker | Roller Coaster Sticker | Guide to Bluffing

Coin Machine

July 30
Be on the lookout for these special coins that come random events. Then head over to the Coin Machine to see if you are lucky enough to get one of the new and exclusive beachy items! I just love that cute blue dolphin.

Sand Dollar Beanbag | Striped Belly Dolphin Plushie

Seagull Bait | Souvenir Beach Mug | Seashell Coin Purse

Bolts of Satin Fabric

July 30
While checking out these new bolts of fabric I can't help but wonder if Mauve from the Clothing Rack has been to the Sacred Lands lately:

Blue Satin Fabric Bolt | Gold Satin Fabric Bolt

Pink Satin Fabric Bolt | Purple Satin Fabric Bolt | Red Satin Fabric Bolt
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