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Fashion to the X-treme!

July 22
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I did NOT see this coming.  Like everyone else I voted on my favs for the Fashion Show and when the winners were announced I told myself it's ok Laurs, you might be able to pick up some CSC later in the week, you'll get them.  But we don't need csc this time around, they're on sale for sP!!  OhEmGosh!!  And they're on sale at Fashion Yurts right now!!

Spilled Summer Memory | Bottle of Sand | Whipped Cotton Candy Mousse | Frail Mahogany Feather | Mysterious Glowing Sprout

Luxurious Everlasting Mascara | Bottled Summer Dream Contacts | Watermelon Eye Makeup Kit | Sheer Innocence Eye Makeup | Memory From A Happy Summer

SubetaLodge would like to give a HUGE congrats shout out to the winners of the Fashion Contest:
Mail, Elestrial, Cathii, Arizona. Erica, Sonatine, Kel and styx



July 21
Ok y'all, I am going to try really hard to contain my excitement here, which is really hard because I LOVE storms!  I mean, seriously have you seen these new storm items!?  The Plushies are gorgeous!

Storm Wyllop Plushie | Storm Escalade Plushie | Storm Popoko Plushie

Storm Aeanoid Plushie | Storm Fester Plushie | Storm Warador Plushie

And these little beauties from the Beanbag shop are just as impressive!

Storm Fester Beanbag | Storm Wyllop Beanbag | Storm Escalade Beanbag

Storm Warador Beanbag | Storm Popoko Beanbag | Storm Aeanoid Beanbag

See what I mean!?  They're amazing!!

Acoustic Guitars

July 20
Seems Johannes has heard your pleas for some Acoustic Guitars and has rushed some stock into the Music Shop.

Burnished Acoustic Guitar

Pink Acoustic Guitar | Spring Acoustic Guitar | Sunburst Acoustic Guitar

Fashion Yurts

July 18
The doors or maybe I should say tent flaps of Fashion Yurts are open to the public and you can bet that at least one of the three sections you can browse through will hold something for everyone!  Here are a few samples of what you'll find:

Coral Bay Eye Palette | Coral Bay Ombre Tonic | Coral Bay Bracelet Assortment | Carefree Jean Top

Summer Top | Breezy Coverup | Summer Jean Shorts | Right Heavy Copper Triangle Earring

Montre Adoraboots | Brown Loose Lace Trimmed Cardigan | Sturdy White Sandals | Dainty Green Sandals

Purple to Pink Dip Dye Kit | Black Detachable Peter Pan Collar | Giraffe Kigurumi | Cool Plastic Choker

Bundle of Peka-Boo Bracelets | Purple Simple Bandeau | Minder Beanbag | Peka-Boo Kumos Plushie

Headphone-Wearing Torrent Sticker | Festival Bunting Necklace | Hazy Patterned Dress | Black Patchy Shorts

Oh, and while you're enjoying the event, you'll find these - as long as you're on the glade grounds:

Festival Litter | Tin of Peppermint Candies | Sun-Blocking Lip Balm | SPF 30 Sunscreen

That's all for now, until next time, Peka-Boo!  I'll see you!

Fruity Iced Teas

July 18
Oh wow, doesn't that Purple Pus tea sound just delish? No...well really, it must taste way better than it sounds. I dare you to head over to Get Mugged and try one for yourself!

Iced Purple Pus Tea | Iced Fruit of Passion Tea | Iced Oofa Fruit Tea

Iced Moony Fruit Tea | Iced Spectrafruit Tea | Iced Sun Fruit Tea
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