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May 2016 Collection

May 1
Happy May Day SubetaLodgers!  This month's Cash Shop Collection seems like the perfect way to kick May into gear:

May 2016 Collection

Inside you'll find:

Bucket of Bubbles | Clean Toy Car

Recycled Pet Treats | Recycled Glass Suncatcher | Turlicke | Generational Spring Cleaning Journal

Lemonade and Mint Infused Water | Dusty Bird Plushie | Nanas Tablecloth Jacket | Dusty Squirrel Beanbag
Bucket of Bubbles and Clean Toy Car transform from or into these items:

Happy Helper Doll | Shimmery Soap Bubbles | Worn Scrub Brush

Zasaba Wing Brooches

April 30
"Everything can change
In the blink of an eye
So let the good times roll
Before we say goodbye, because
Sometimes you're the windshield
Sometimes you're the bug."
--Dire Straits, The Bug

If you want to be more buglike, put on one of these brooches available at
 Five Seven Five.

Field Zasaba Wing Brooch | Lilac Zasaba Wing Brooch | Sun Zasaba Wing Brooch

Nuclear Zasaba Wing Brooch | Arid Zasaba Wing Brooch | Silver Zasaba Wing Brooch

Dusk Zasaba Wing Brooch | Marsh Zasaba Wing Brooch | Golden Zasaba Wing Brooch

Twilight Zasaba Wing Brooch | Common Zasaba Wing Brooch | Dawn Zasaba Wing Brooch

Cream Zasaba Wing Brooch | Aqua Zasaba Wing Brooch | Cherry Zasaba Wing Brooch

Bug Month Strikes Again

April 29
Remember Rosemary and her birds? Well now we have Chimalma and her bugs! The first time you help her out, you'll receive this book:

Bugs As Inspiration

If you stick with it and capture all the different bugs, you'll earn this achievement prize:

Lucky Cricket Cage

The bugs range from the horrifying to the sublime. Click here to see them all.

Bald Faced Hornet | Tiger Slug | Iridescent Green Jewel Beetle | Luna Moth

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