Which do you want first, the bad news or the good news?

Bad news: Because of the recent changes Subeta has made to wishlist, our "Add to wishlist" links no longer add to wishlist. The best we can do is link to your wishlist so you can add it yourself. The wording on those links will be changing soon.

Good news: Your wardrobe checklists can now be sorted by layer! Thanks Jon!


March 4
Subetians now no longer need to take offence when they are told they need a breathmint.
Catch them restocking in the Food Market.

Mint Breathmints | Fresh Breathmints

Fruity Breathmints | Orange Breathmints | Cinnamon Breathmints

March 2015 Collection

March 1
Wow, it's March already?  It must be if this collection is in the Cash Shop!

March 2015 Collection

Ikumoradeekanox Extract | Ikuut | Intergalactic Sewing Set

Wallop Fruit Plushie | Peach Plaid Punk Vest | Night Sky Fabric Dye | Ikumoradeekanox Recipe Book

Ikumoradeekanox Beanbag | Budding Ikumoradeekanox Fruits | Fallen Ikumoradeekanox Leaf | Riftborn Summoning Ring

*It also means Daylight Savings Time, don't forget - "Spring Ahead" an hour next weekend*

Test your luck items

February 28
Subeta's got some new minions and stickers that can't be bought from shops.  To get your hands on these stickers, you'll need to trust the Hustler:

Lovely Experiment #3485 Sticker | Lovely Experiment #7777 Sticker | Lovely Experiment #0507 Sticker

And these minions.. they come from the Ultimate Pet Zapper *cough* accidently hitting your minion:

Ocudye | Aquirn | Selaviri

Ophidiolt | Wunofur | Grynnee

Leonard Nimoy Tribute

February 27
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I'm one of the millions of trekkies around the globe who are saddened when hearing the news of the death of our beloved Spock - Leonard Nimoy today.  Subeta has given us a beautiful tribute in his honor and in honor of his final tweet as a Free Gift

Symbol of Logic
and 100 sP

You will be missed.  Live Long and Prosper
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