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Hustler Action

July 27
Everyone's favourite con man is up to his old tricks. Couldn't let all the legitimate merchants get all that cash around the festival, while he was stuck selling sham contracts to battling bands, oh no. Be on your guard with this one, but if you insist on trying your luck you might be able to pick up one of these...err...genuine Peka-Boo items at the Hustler's very temporary booth (so temporary, in fact, that it might disappear right after you pays your money, but before you gets your item).

Peka-Boo KIP Sticker | Silver Sheep

Johands Felt Plushie | Rossmery Felt Plushie | Lindsey Felt Plushie

Recycled Items

July 25
Awwww...isn't that Recycle Beast Kigurumi just the cutest thing ever? Looks like the beast has been busy while we've been playing (and making a mess) in Peka Park. Get those piles of garbage to the beast and pick up these hot new items at his shop.

Blue Recycled Baggy Shirt | Burgundy Recycled Baggy Shirt

Deertay Wig | Recycle Beast Kigurumi | Recycled Jug Hat


July 24
I wonder if shopping and hanging out at the Peka-Boo Fest gave Mauve some inspiration or something, these new tartans at the Clothing Rack are awesome!

Bolt of Black and White Tartan | Bolt of Pink Tartan | Bolt of Red Tartan

Bolt of Blue Tartan | Bolt of Green Tartan | Bolt of Purple Tartan

Fashion Yurts Refill

July 24
Bunches of new items have just arrived at the Peka-Boo Fashion Yurts! If you can drag yourself away from the BotB and Street Team you might want to drop by and pick up a few items. Various colours are of these items are available in the fashion section.

Frilled Cotton Candy One Piece | Bleach Patch Vest | Ruffled Mint Lace Shorts

Black Retro Sailor Shorts | Red Retro Sailor Suit Top | Ruffled Purple Lace Top

Brown Steel-Toed Boots | Elephant Festival Shorts | Hazy Patterned Tee | Ombre Short Sleeve Button-Down

They've also received a selection of new items for the CSC Couture section of the Fashion Yurts.

Flowing Summer Wrap | Perfect Peacock Fabric

Baggy Bohemian Tote | Double-Take Sunglasses | Fading Summer Memories Jacket

CW contest prizes

July 22
Oh wow and here I thought I would simply have to drool in envy at the great prizes for the Peka-Boo CW contest! But, surprise, most are available at the Fashion Yurts, Couture Section for Cash Shop Credits.

DiY Patterns | Discarded Sketches | Wireless Tablet | Glade Spirit

For the contestants only

Sew Crafty Sticker
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