If you live in the US and have any clocks that need to be manually changed, tonight is the night. Spring forward!

Final Steamworks Items

March 26
Have you been dancing? Hope so, because the final items have been released for the Steamworks Menagerie. The clothing items come in a variety of colours. Note that even though the flowerbud belts were previously released, the Slate Flowerbud Belt is definitely a new item, guess they must have missed it in the huge piles of fabric they had to sort through to get these all stocked!

Antique Copper Pomade Tub | Tress of Messy Silver Hair | Navy Blue Inner Striped Slacks | Charcoal Hoop Skirt

Emerald High Necked Corset | Mud Heavy Duty Gloves | Ivory Tentacle Ribbons | Gold and Green Mechanical Butterfly Wings

Cute Victoria Sticker | Cute Isaac Sticker | Pine Ribboned Spats | Slate Flowerbud Belt

Just like clockwork

March 25
Looking for something to read in-between dances?  The Token Shop has an interesting book about clocks if you're into that.

Just Like Clockwork
175 Wiz Tokens


March 22
One man's trash is another man's treasure has never been a more accurate phrase as now. Cheesy  The Trash Can in Pina Park has more stuff in it than ever before thanks in part to a trend in cleanliness. The park is being cleaned up more frequently which means more items in the trash can. If you don't mind a few bites or spilt juice check out the trash can for your own treasures.

Ruined Travel Guide | Fruit-Stained Shirt

Bitten Lonjitan Fruit | Rotten Torra Fruit | Popped Dinkle Berries Beanbag

Delish Ayr and Rees

March 22
Did you really think there was not going to be something new to spend those bonus Cash Shop credits on?
Aww, you are so cute!

Delish Ayr | Delish Rees

Lets Dance!

March 20
OhEmGee!  We've got so much to tell y'all - luckily we can sum it up with one sentence.  The Atebus Revolution Masquerade has begun!  I'm so excited!  Here's a sample of whats new at the Libertine Lounge:

Frost Bitten Glacier Illumis Cocktail | Cheese Straws | Priberry Jelly Shots | Spinning Spectrum Illumis Cocktail

And here's a sample of whats new at the Steamworks Menagerie:

Silver Key Sticker | Dancing Dino | Metal and Lace | Slate Flowerbud Veil

Hammerhead Shark Dapper Plushie | Ahkal Tek Dapper Horse Beanbag | Slate Flowerbud Tonic | Belted Red Leather Armor

Bright-Beaked Aviator | Mysterious Large Collar Coat | One Steamy Night | Comtesse Ribbon Signet

And here's a sample of whats new at Migrating Masks:

Black Studded Mask | Purple Studded Mask | Masquerade Feli Mask | Masquerade Kerubi Mask

(You can find all of these by putting Atebus Revolution Masquerade 2015 in item notes)

This weekend is also bonus CSC weekend at the Cash Shop.  You'll get 20% more csc and one of these beautiful items, depending on your method of paying at checkout.

Seashell-Adorned Aquamarine Mask | Aquamarine-Filled Seashell
(Paypal perk) - (Stripe perk)

I think that's everything.  See ya on the dance floor!
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