There is new NEWS!

Charlie has a new look

May 31
It's official SubetaLodgers, summertime in Subeta has arrived!  Why do I say that?  Summertime 'tis the season of revamps with Charlie kicking things off for 2016!  

Along side their new look, there are new beanbags in the Beanbag Shop along with a Torrent silver and cherry beanbag if sitting on Charlie beanbags makes you twitch a bit:

Cherry Torrent Beanbag | Silver Torrent Beanbag

Silver Charlie Beanbag | Nuclear Charlie Beanbag | Golden Charlie Beanbag | Cherry Charlie Beanbag

Same with the new plushies in the Plushie Parlour (without the sitting on them makes me nervous thing):

Cherry Torrent Plushie | Silver Torrent Plushie

Silver Charlie Plushie | Nuclear Charlie Plushie | Marsh Charlie Plushie | Golden Charlie Plushie | Cherry Charlie Plushie

And that's only the new releases!  You should check out the revamped Elixirs, they're amazing!

Ocean View

May 30
Being a military mom, holidays like Memorial Day can be .. difficult.  If I didn't know any better I would think these new backgrounds from the Cash Shop were a subtle reminder that the world is still a beautiful place:

Ocean Sun Bottle | Ocean Night Bottle

Ocean Cave Bottle | Ocean Mist Bottle | Ocean Light Bottle

Welcome to the Madhouse!

May 29

Bizarre Staff

Over the past few weeks I am sure you have noticed some new names posting news.
Today it is official and I am so happy to be able to announce that Kathy, Osterizer and Marlboro have all become official SubetaLodge staff!
Please make them feel welcome! I know you will be as kind and helpful to them as you have always been to each of us!

*I also want to mention Lypsyl and what a great job she did in training our newcomers. I am so thankful for her help!

New Cadogre Beanbags

May 29
I guess the Queen of Hearts was angry and took off the heads of the new revamped Cadogre beanbags. you can find them at the Beanbag Shop.

Nuclear Cadogre Beanbag | Silver Cadogre Beanbag | Marsh Cadogre Beanbag

Cherry Cadogre Beanbag | Dawn Cadogre Beanbag | Cream Cadogre Beanbag

Honey, honey

May 29
Looks like the Food Market has figured out that the only one thing sweeter than honey is more honey! 

Buckwheat Honey | Clover Honey

Fireweed Honey | Blueberry Honey | Common Bumbus Brand Honey
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