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New Egg Dolls - Animal Chance Machine

August 29
Ready to try your luck some more at the Cash Shop's Animal Chance Machine? If you're lucky, you'll be able to snag one of these new cutie-pies!

Jaguarundi Egg Doll | Mouse Lemur Egg Doll | Rhea Egg Doll | Tamandua Egg Doll | Toco Toucan Egg Doll

Baby Tapir Egg Doll | Tapir Egg Doll | Jaguar Cub Egg Doll | Jaguar Egg Doll | Black Jaguar Cub Egg Doll | Black Jaguar Egg Doll

Which one do you want the most?

Token Shop Restock And More!

August 27
It suggested to go crazy while wearing those socks!
You can find it in the Token Shop.

Loony Socks

There is a new Experiment Plushie, it is just me or we are in the middle of an invasion of the experiment plushies?!
You can find it in the Recycle Beast Shop.

Experiment #104 Plushie

New Cece Line at Subeautique

August 26
I'm really looking forward to adding Cece's new Raven Plaid line to my wardrobe. The backpack held in the other hand, the shirt tied around the waist (yes its an old style, but I like retro!), and those glasses are really cute. Hope you've been stocking up on those invites so you can visit Subeautique.

Cece Raven Plaid

Three Angry Bears!

August 23
She went to sleep in their house and now they are angry at all of us!
You can buy the Broken Wooden Chair in the Cash Shop to unlock the challenger.

Broken Wooden Chair

Three Angry Bears drops the following two items!

Cranky Cub Mug | Bear Family Beanbags

Magical Vests?

August 22
It seems as though these vests would be perfect for the eager student starting a new year...particularly if you are attending a certain special learning centre in the highlands of Scotland. You'll have to apparate to the Clothing Rack to buy these.

Crimson Buttoned Argyle Vest | Emerald Buttoned Argyle Vest

Colorless Buttoned Argyle Vest | Navy Buttoned Argyle Vest | Golden Buttoned Argyle Vest
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