Which do you want first, the bad news or the good news?

Bad news: Because of the recent changes Subeta has made to wishlist, our "Add to wishlist" links no longer add to wishlist. The best we can do is link to your wishlist so you can add it yourself. The wording on those links will be changing soon.

Good news: Your wardrobe checklists can now be sorted by layer! Thanks Jon!

Referrals Count

January 25
There are some new goodies available in the Referral Shop guys:

Endsver Hat | Frifore Hat

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Banana Bread | Endsver | Frifore

Loyalty Card # 3

January 24
Cash Shop Loyalty Card #3 is now in play.

You can earn these items as you make your way along the path from Fantine to Skitters:

Lovely Box of Cupcakes | Pop Art Ecks Boots | Zippered Shark Buddy | Beaubell | Chunk of Underground Rock

To kick things off, this weekend you'll get a 20% CSC bonus along with one of these beautiful jackets - depending on your purchase preference:

High-Collared Garnet Coat | Lightweight Garnet Jacket
*Paypal  -  Stripe*

The Slaglord commeth

January 22
There is a signet on sale at the Cash Shop thats more than just a field of magma:

Slaglord Signet

You can also use it to summon Slaglord in the Battle Coliseum

Ooooooh, how awesome is that!?  And!  Should you defeat this amazing beast 5 times, you'll get these:

Smoldering Slaglord Gauntlets | Slagling
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