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Panzers Panzers Everywhere

March 29
Need to vent some frustrations? Head on over to the Battle Coliseum and hunt up some Panzer Hydras in the Events tab. There will be at least 5 tiers to this challenger, so get to fighting.

Wind-Up Hydra Panzer Hydra Beanbag Panzer Hydra Plushie

Panzer Hydra Cake Pops Tread Repairs in the Field Atebus Warfare Vehicles

Panzer Hydra Scales Panzer Hydra Gauntlet Panzer Hydra Blade

Steaming Panzer Hydra Sticker Panzer Hydra Gas Canister Panzer Hydra Broken Brass Tooth Panzer Hydra Bent Brass Piece

Beating each tier 10 times will drop a medal which you can use to unlock the next tier.

Brass Panzer Hydra Medal Bronze Panzer Hydra Medal Silver Panzer Hydra Medal Gold Panzer Hydra Medal

Note: Using the medal to unlock the next tier challenger will delete the medal from your account.

Rid Yourself

March 27
Do you have unsightly body hair that you just can't seem to get rid of?
(Do you have pet checklists that you don't use but haven't been able to get rid of?)
Do you like to shave one armpit but not the other?
(Do you need to keep track of books for one pet but not foods?)
Excessive hair growth got you down?
(Unneeded checklists bug the bejeebers out of you?)
Finally, the solution you have been waiting for is here!
(Finally, the solution you have been waiting for is here!)

Call right now!
(Go to your MY ACCOUNT page.)
Make your color selection.
(Add or remove pets from food or book checklists.)
Operators are standing by!
(Don't forget to enter your password.)
So call today!
(Please don't call me.)

Some restrictions may apply. All sales final, no returns or exchanges. Consumer must pay applicable sales tax. Offer limited to stock on hand; no rain checks are available. Offer not applicable to prior or pending orders. No adjustments can be made on previous purchases. Discount has no cash value. Void where prohibited, taxed or otherwise restricted. Product prices already reflect final sale discount.
(You need to log out and back in for changes to take effect. You can't designate a checklist as private or public until it contains at least one item; also a list won't show up on the sidebar widget until it has one item.)

Recycle Beast + Crystal Shop

March 27
Just in time to join the rest of Lower Ziara, head on over to the Recycle Shop for your very own circuitry accent.

Busted Circuitboard


Have you've got some extra crystals lying around? I mean, who doesn't right? Trip on over to the Crystal Shop. You can grab your very own egg, maybe open it up for a spiffy new mask to dance the night away.

Pink Sparkly Vesnali Egg

Button Downs!

March 25
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