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Token Shop

July 20
New book or old wearable? What a choice! I love getting multiple options in the Token Shop, but sometimes they are just agonizing. Hopefully I'll catch a couple of restocks and get both items I need.

The Tag Volume One

Forum Shop: New Art Themed Items

July 19
I hope you've been chatting it up all over Subeta. If so you might just have enough points for these spiffy new items from the Forum Shop!

Graffiti Rebel Sticker Painted Rose Cake

Strong Opinions About Paint Music and Emotions Ruffie and Telenine Ice Sculptures

Deja Vogue Hair Elixirs

July 15
Feel like you have seen this hair before?  Me too.
I wonder if the stylists at Deja Vogue Hair Studio know how to cut this style?
If not, they can probably learn at the Grooming Parlor
Deja Vogue Brown Hair Elixir Deja Vogue Black Hair Elixir

Deja Vogue Ruby Red Hair Elixir Deja Vogue Honey Blond Hair Elixir Deja Vogue White Hair Elixir

Quest Shop: New Graveyard Items

July 15
A dreaded sunny day
So I meet you at the cemet'ry gates.
Keats and Yeats are on your side,
While Wilde is on mine.

Earned a few extra QuestPoints from last month's Quest-A-Thon?  You could do worse than these new items found in Quentin's section of the Quest Shop.

Painted Graves And Other Cemetery Art
12 QuestPoints
Peekaboo Ghost Sticker
5 QuestPoints
Painted Grave Rocks
20 QuestPoints

Night Sky Stained Glass Headstone
15 QuestPoints
Painter Ghost Plushie
10 QuestPoints
Graveyard Art Snack Bag
7 QuestPoints

New Old Throwback Challengers

July 13
You can find some new old challengers today: Trojhen and TX4493. Head to the Throwback Tab at the Battle Coliseum.

Trojhen gives you these on the 5th win:
Trojhen Plushie Thick Bristled Brush

TX4493 will drop these on the 5th win:
Mini TX-4493 Beanbag Exterminate Sticker
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