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More Makeup!

October 24
It may be possible to wear too much makeup but you can never have too much makeup!
With that in mind the Cash Shop has brought back the Morostide Makeup Case.
Will you be lucky and find one or more of the eight new Makeup Kits inside?

Watermelon Makeup Kit | Lemon Makeup Kit | Woodland Makeup Kit | Musculature Makeup Kit

Dentacle Makeup Kit | Tiny Zipper Makeup Kit | Rotting Makeup Kit | Branched Makeup Kit

Get your battle boots on!

October 22
Things get a little laggy when events overtake Subeta but battlers don't mind if it's a good day for us.  And today is that day!

To get at these guys, you'll need to go talk to Ian at Skelly Manor.  I don't want to give anything away so I'll just say from there you'll figure out what you need to do and when all's said and done - if you manage to beat them 5 times each, here is what you'll win:

Damaskull Upholstery Fabric | Freaky Footrest
Defeat Scary Chairy 5 times in the Coliseum

Spidey Spawn | Spider Egg Sack
Defeat Spidey 5 times in the Coliseum

Stolen Collection | Little Collector
Defeat Organ Collector 5 times in the Coliseum

Umbrus Plushie | Penumbrus
Defeat Umbrus 5 times in the Coliseum

Ghoulish Broken Mirror | Mirror Ghoul Beanbag
Defeat Mirror Ghoul 5 times in the Coliseum

Grimoire of Fate | Haunted Lantern | Raven Lord Cowl | Devren
Defeat Devora 5 times in the Coliseum


Annual October Giveaway Week Four!

October 20
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If we work together, we can find a cure to slay this beast!  We must save the taa-taas!

Hey y'all, you're just in time!  Week 4 of Laurie's Annual October Giveaway is underway!  If you're new to the lodge, I'll give you a quick recap.  To get to the giveaway topic from the news page, click the link under my name in the upper left hand corner of this announcement, click reply and follow these 2 rules:

1)  Post your user name at Subeta, even if it's the same as your name at SubetaLodge. (No, you can't sign someone else up, if they would like to enter, they have to do it themselves)

2)  One post per person per drawing.
How it works:

Monday morning I'll make a topic about it on Subeta, sending out a ping or two reminding y'all to come to the lodge and sign up for a chance at this weeks prizes. 
Sunday around 10 pm Subeta time the drawing will close (Halloween being the exception)
Sunday evening I will draw numbers to determine the winners and send the lucky person the item they've won via the Gift Center. Once all prizes have been sent, I'll announce the winners and prize they've won on this week's giveaway topic on Subeta.

*If you dont accept gifts from non-friends, that's not a problem.  I'll use the Trade Center and comment you instead.
*Yes you can and should enter every drawing - I insist!  Enter Every Week!

Lets get it started in here!

I love the heavenly aroma of hot spiced apple cider in the evening and warm oatmeal with fresh raisins and brown sugar in the morning. There is something about creamy pumpkin soup, Hubbard squash, popcorn balls, baked donuts, and hot cocoa. You don't dare prepare these delicious hearty foods in the head of Summer! That's what makes Fall so delicious!

Grand Prize
Knowledge is power

Mystic Champions
You're number one. Never forget that. c:

Discs on Top of Discs | Kora Gems

Dreams of Spindles | Mystic Spindles: A History | Cackling Ghostlies


Rainyday Serenity Belt

Rainyday Serenity Blush

Rainyday Serenity Bow

Rainyday Serenity Brush

Rainyday Serenity Eyeshadow

Rainyday Serenity Headpiece

Rainyday Serenity Kimono

Rainyday Serenity Lipstain

Rainyday Serenity Sandals

GreaseMonkey Gearwork Boots

GreaseMonkey Gearwork Cotton Liner

GreaseMonkey Gearwork Gloves

GreaseMonkey Gearwork Grubby Rag

GreaseMonkey Gearwork Headband

GreaseMonkey Gearwork Reinforced Pants

GreaseMonkey Gearwork Styling Oil

GreaseMonkey Gearwork Vest

Cece Coast Bold Sweatbands

Cece Coast Button-Down Shirt

Cece Coast Colorful Shoes

Cece Coast Comfortable Hoodie

Cece Coast Khaki Pants

Cece Coast Mismatched Contacts

Cece Coast Orange Lip Balm

Cece Coast Pre-Tied Tie

Cece Coast Simple Belt

Cece Coast Striped Socks

Cece Coast Tinted Hair Gel

Cece Coast Vinyl Decals

Mimi Moe Bluebell Blouse

Mimi Moe Bluebell Boots

Mimi Moe Bluebell Bow

Mimi Moe Bluebell Earrings

Mimi Moe Bluebell Eyeshadow

Mimi Moe Bluebell Fur Coat

Mimi Moe Bluebell Hair Clips

Mimi Moe Bluebell Knit Wrap

Mimi Moe Bluebell Pompom Beret

Mimi Moe Bluebell Sheer Stockings

Mimi Moe Bluebell Tiered Skirt

Teddy Bear Sword | Frost Quill

Riptide Sticker

Blazebird Special Edition Betadoll

Pink Hugga Bear x5 given to random winners

Good Luck Everyone and remember, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
*Hosting this giveaway is my way of honoring the memory those who lost their battle with this beast and encouraging those still locked in battle to keep fighting the fight for a cure.  To those of you asking if you can help - your thoughtfulness makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and yes, you can help by entering the giveaway and keeping the drive alive.  Encourage your loved ones to talk to their doctor about recommended screenings.  If you'll do that for me, I will love you forever  ~L

Keepin' the awareness drive alive - long live the taa-taas!

Pumpkin Patch 2014

October 20
Ian has opened the.. wait.  Ian?!  Something's not right here.  Maybe we should go talk to him before we go exploring the Pumpkin Patch for this year's new goodies.

Here's a sample of what you might find:

Be sure to keep an eye out for this little lass, she's new to the patch this year:


Brown Bright Leaf Skirt | Orange Bright Leaf Boots | Blue Green Bright Leaf Wrapped Shirt | Red Bright Leaf Shoes

Yellow Bright Leaf Wrapped Pants | Teal Pumpkin Hoodie | Purple Pumpkin Shoes | Striped Pumpkin Imp Beanbag

Pumpkin Pals Sticker | Tailed Pumpkin | Pumpkin-Eating Bear | The Ghostly Pumpkin

Risukin | Patch of Webbing | Creepiest Pumpkin | Squish Inukin Plushie

Sparkly Pumpkin Carriage Plushie | Pumpkin Risotto in a Pumpkin | Pumpkin Bread Pudding | Darker Side of the Pumpkin Patch

Happy Hunting!

Delish makes it all better

October 17
The Cash Shop Boutique has 2 Delish sets available for a limited time:

Delish Limited Edition Enchanter Set  -  Delish Limited Edition Magus Set

Loyalty Rewards Card #2 has been released.  

For every $10 dollars you spend you get a stamp and as you make your way along the card's wandering path, you'll uncover these little beauties:

Fluffalo | Fairy Ring | Fungi Pants | Forest Perch Beanbag | Astral Bloom

If you start on your Reward Card before Monday, October 20th at 9 pm Subeta time you'll get a 20% bonus and depending on how you purchase you're csc, one of these special items:

Blessed Bit of Tourmaline | Long Strip of Tourmaline Fabric
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