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Aqua Plushies

December 3
Aqua is such a wonderful color! Don't know how much time I'll have to stalk the Plushie Parlor between gift giving, donating to Melody for ornament boxes, decorating my tree, finding fairies and all the other Luminaire happenings.

Aqua Mallarchy Plushie | Aqua Terracoon Plushie | Aqua Archan Plushie | Aqua Donadak Plushie

Aqua Dragarth Plushie | Aqua Sheeta Plushie | Aqua Zentu Plushie | Aqua Zasaba Plushie

December Collection

December 1
You'll be sorry if you've spent all your CSC during the black Friday sale, because this month's collection is pretty spectacular. I can't wait to head over to the Cash Shop and pick up at least a couple of bags.

December 2016 Collection

Gleaming Silver Bells | Illuminating Manuscript | Tangler Beanbag

Limited Edition Light Up Chai Plushie | Magical NebuLace | Glowing Wooded Scene Cake

Light-Up Musical Snowglobe | Ytivan Lurefish | Bright Light Kitty Collar

The following two items transform into each other, with the Present as the item physically in the collection.

Lit Up Present Time Figurine | Lit Up Tree Time Figurine

I read the news today, oh boy...

December 1
Check your email or follow this link to read the December newsletter.  In it, you'll find some free stuff including this traditional holiday favorite:


Lookin' for some hot stuff, baby, this evenin'

November 30

Black Tailless Salamander Beanbag | Purple Tailless Salamander Beanbag | Blue Tailless Salamander Beanbag | Green Tailless Salamander Beanbag | Brown Tailless Salamander Beanbag

Purple Fired Glass Lens | Red Fired Glass Lens | Black Fired Glass Lens | Blue Fired Glass Lens | White Fired Glass Lens

If your alchemy level is 15 or higher, you can create these items at The Alchove.  

(Thanks to serinde and Onyxalia at the Almighty Alchemy Board for help with the alchemy combinations!)
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