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The Beast joins in

November 25
Looks like the Recycle Beast has been busy creating a couple new things for this year's Fireside celebration:

Leaf Pressing | Wreathed Recycle Beast Sticker

Buyer beware though, these goodies come with a catch.  They'll only be around until December 21st so y'all best get to recycling!

The Event Everyone's Been Waiting For

November 24
The Black Friday Sale has started, it will go on until December 1. New items include: beautiful sweaters, stunning backgrounds, Turpal and Mairra items, charms, and carved items. Don't forget to look for older items as well like all this year's previous collections (note these are regular priced, not on sale). Looks the Cash Shop is going to be swarming with people for the next week.

Mulled Wine Winter Patterned Sweater | Chestnut Winter Patterned Sweater

Cranberry Winter Patterned Sweater | Snow Winter Patterned Sweater | Blue Winter Patterned Sweater

Carved Unicorn Horn | Carved Megalodon Tooth

Carved Dire Wolf Fang | Carved Dragon Claws | Carved Harpy Talon

Charm of the Desert | Charm of the Forest

Charm of the Mountain | Charm of the River | Charm of the Sky

Mairra | Enchanted Mairra Totem | Mairra Beanbag

Mairra Eye Buttons | Venomous Tails: Facts About the Mairra | Roaring Mairra Sticker

Mairra Hair Brush | Mairra Plushie | Mairra Tail Soup

Turpal | Odd Opal Chunk | Opal Berry Tart

Turpal Beanbag | Turpal Plushie | Turpal Sticker | Carved Turpal Shell

If you buy all the snowglobes you will receive the White Fox Companion

White Fox Companion

Dark Forest Snowglobe | Frozen Aurora Snowglobe | Frozen Mountains Snowglobe

Snowy Sunrise Snowglobe | Autumn Forest Snowglobe | Autumn Evening Snowglobe

Rolls and Biscuits

November 24
Be sure to head over to Quick Bites and pick up some of the new rolls and biscuits they are baking. Perfect for mopping up the last of the gravy on your plate and making a tasty lunch of the leftovers the next day.

Crescent Roll | Brown N Serve Roll

Sweet Roll | Dinner Roll | Buttermilk Biscuit

Token Shop Book

November 23
Take a break from the bonfire and get lost in the beautiful autumn images in the latest Token Shop book.

Autumn Photo Book
175 wiz tokens

Best of luck catching it in stock.


November 21
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Fireside has arrived!  There's lots to do, like visiting Charity who has some interesting gifts for the kindhearted donors, and of course visiting Bonfire to leave gifts for the Red Rreign, or the Farmers Market to fill those empty baskets or feed The Dragon of Autumn and gathering items floating around Subeta .. ohmygosh, so much to do, so little time, I need to get started!

BUT!  Before I go, I'll leave you with a few samples of what you can find - if you're looking for a complete list, you can look HERE

From Charity:

Caramel Homemade Baggied Popcorn | Red Leaf Barrette | Sheaf of Blackened Wheat

and for donating 500 food items you'll get this:

Fireside Shawl

Floating around Subeta:

Green Rumbly Red Rreign Plushie | Green Scuttling Red Rreign Plushie | Beige Red Rreign Head Beanbag | Amethyst Topsy Turvy Red Rreign Figurine

From the Bonfire:

Hawk Fire Rock Totem | Rreign Tamer Knotted Belt | Rreign Tamer Carved Tooth | Orange Wreathed Cutesy Red Rreign Figurine | White Wreathed Double-Winged Red Rreign Plushie
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