If you live in the US and have any clocks that need to be manually changed, tonight is the night. Spring forward!

Saheric Supplies

May 26
Looks like the Cavern of Curios is getting some love. Just remember, while browsing the book shelves, the Cackler isn't laughing at you.

Book of Saheric Fashions | Gilded Saheric Tome | Saheric Scroll and Case

Saheric Cackler | Saheric Sand Skate | Saheric Sand Hopper | Saheric Sand Mimic

Bring on the rain

May 25
Ooo, you know I wish it would rain down.. down on me,
Oooo I wish it would rain, rain down on me now..

*coughs*  Ok, so I'm no Phil Collins but if the rain doesn't fall somewhere in Subeta, how can we get our hands on one of these new items from the Tempest?!

Electrifying Tempest Beanbag | Tempest Hug Sticker | The Thunder Stealer

Lifelike Dolls

May 23
Did you ever want a Neela pet, but couldn't afford one? Well now your avatar can wear one, and it won't cost you a thing if you're lucky. The Neela and Noktoa have been added to the Lifelike Doll pool at the Ruffie Raffle. You can try your luck once every day!

Cream Lifelike Neela Doll | Dusk Lifelike Neela Doll | Field Lifelike Neela Doll

Dawn Lifelike Noktoa Doll | Marsh Lifelike Noktoa Doll | Sun Lifelike Noktoa Doll

The Silver and Cherry Neela Elixirs have been added to the Cash Shop, along with their respective plushies and beanbags.

Silver Neela Elixir | Cherry Neela Elixir

Cherry Neela Beanbag | Silver Neela Beanbag | Silver Neela Plushie | Cherry Neela Plushie

Gem - Ini

May 22
Delish, the Cash Shop Botiques play on zodiac designs have arrived SubetaLodgers and let me tell ya, they are doozys!


Delish Gem set - Delish Ini set

With their arrival also comes this month's CSC sale.  You'll get a 15% bonus when purchasing Cash Shop credits and one of these perks depending on which method of purchasing you choose:

May Bell Bouquet | Extravagant Emerald Vase
PayPal perk - Stripe perk

New desiginer, new wardrobe!

May 21
Esmerelda certainly knows how to find the best of the best doesn't she?  Just look at these two gorgeous new Marez lines selling at Subeautique:


Marez Jahira line -  Marez Ashar line
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