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New Ornaments

December 19

Frosted Figurines

December 18
Dodging snowballs  Hey you should check out these really nice pets for your avatar from the Cash Shop, they're grrrrrrr-eat!

Frosted Eagle Figurine | Frosted Cat Figurine | Frosted Snake Figurine

Frosted Chinchilla Figurine | Frosted Dog Figurine | Frosted Stag Figurine

spllllat!  ALRIGHT!  Who threw that!?!

Nostalgic Toys

December 15
Rawr! Rawr! Rawr!
Boing! Boing! Boing!

For a limited time there are two new nostalgic toy instructions in the token shop.  Don't worry if you miss them because they will start restock in Thimble & Co. soon.

Nostalgic Velosotor Instructions | Nostalgic Pherret Instructions

If you take the instructions to Vanya's workshop you can make some cool toys from your past.  I bet I'm not the only one that has a toy like the Nostalgic Velosotor toy.

Nostalgic Velosotor Toy | Nostalgic Pherret Toy

and if you bring Vanya your toy with some Essence of Melody...Watch the magic happen to one of your pets. Smiley

Rack Antlers

December 14

Gotta have 'em all!

December 13
Beanbags and plushies and potions, oh my!  From the Beanbag Shop:

Angelic Magnus Beanbag | Marsh Dillema Beanbag | Nuclear Dillema Beanbag

Angelic Warador Beanbag | Angelic Torrent Beanbag | Glacier Warador Beanbag | Glacier Magnus Beanbag

Not to be outdone, these little beauties have shown up at the Plushie Parlour:

Nuclear Dillema Plushie | Golden Dillema Plushie

Glacier Wyllop Plushie | Angelic Torrent Plushie | Glacier Magnus Plushie

and then there's these:

Cherry Potion | Silver Potion

Our first Cherry Potion came from Melody but you can also find them at  The Magic Box.  You can find the Silver Potion restocking there too if you're lucky.
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