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Quest shop items

November 20
Oh what wonderful spooky backgrounds! The Sturdy Bookends can be found in the Library section, and the Carelessly Stacked Books are in Quentin's section of the Quest Shop.

Just as a note, neither of these book like items are readable to your pets.

Carelessly Stacked Books | Sturdy Bookends

Final Seasonal Challenger

November 19
If you can't wait till Black Friday, you can unlock the newest challenger now by heading to the Cash Shop.

Deciduous Summoning Charm

Defeat Decidiwi 5 times and receive these prizes:

Fallen Leaf Feathers | Leaf Burrower | Bantam Beak Blade
After 25 wins you will receive a new achievement and the item to unlock the dragon challenger!

Deadroot Summoning Branch

After your fifth win against Deadwood, you will get these prizes:

Deadroot Kindling | Deadroot Scribes | Deadroot Gas

Finally If you combine Deadroot Gas and Bantam Beak Blade at Genetech Lab you will create a new weapon

Deadwood Scissorbeak

BlackHeart Hollow Matters

November 19
Want that dark matter glow? BlackHeart Hollow is restocking just the thing.

Bottled Dark Matter Aura

Best of luck catching one in stock!

Reading is Fun

November 17
The much anticipated second issues of several books have finally been released.
Head over to the Book Nook to pick up a few copies.

Insane Programming Volume 2 | Modern Science Volume II | Mirage Issue 2 | MusiNews Issue 2

Cards Issue 2 | Bleak Issue 2 | 100 Degrees Issue 2

Head over to the General Discussion forum and try to help figure out the GenTech combo for this little guy!

Chibi Graveyard Hikei Plushie

Scraps at the Beach Shack

November 15
Ever felt those lovely translucent cover ups seem a little incomplete? Feeling a little too breezy with a wide open back? Well the Beach Shack now has some solutions for that in stock!

Breezy Shell Scrap | Breezy Seafoam Scrap | Breezy Purple Scrap

Breezy Orange Scrap | Breezy Blue Scrap | Breezy Sand Scrap
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