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New feature: Sort by official price

August 17
You can now sort your item search results and your checklists by official price. 

When you do this, only items whose rarity is R99 or less will be displayed.  The reason is that items with higher rarity can have official prices in other currencies besides sP, and our hard-working team of sorters (pictured above) can't sort item prices in mixed currencies.

Nostalgic Ontra

August 15
The Nostalgic Ontra is seriously the cutest pet on the planet! I usually go for slightly fiercer pets, but I have so much love for this tiny guy that I'm picking up Nostalgic Ontra Instructions (to make the Nostalgic Ontra Toy), an Essence of Melody and running, not walking, over to Vanya's Workshop to make one of my own.

Nostalgic Ontra Instructions Nostalgic Ontra Toy

Blackheart Hollow: New Beanbag

August 12
If you're like me, you're feeling angry right now, because like me, you can never get anything from Blackheart Hollow. If you do have luck on your side, and snag this comfy new beanbag, let us know the cost!

Paint Splotch Beanbag

Loyalty Shop

August 11
Some pretty nice rewards for our loyalty! Fill your reward card,
then visit the Loyalty Shop for your pick of goodies.

High End Computer Tower Snowfall Games Concept Art Book

Decrepit Slide Projector Streaming Mic Kid the Squid Beanbag

Throwback Challengers: Bloodred Golem/Llindorm

August 10
There once was a Llindorm named Lloyd
Who had a pet llama named Llucy. 
She said, "It llooks llike
you write the world's worst llimericks
outside of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, that is."

This month's Throwback Challengers have been announced.  The Bloodred Golem is classified as "Very Hard"; on the 5th win, you'll receive
Bloodred Golem Slash Sticker Bloodred Golem Bloodied Metal Claws

The Llindorm is classified as "Extremely Hard"; on the 5th win, you'll receive
Llindorm Busted Metal Scales Llindormling

Now, go rend them in the gobberwarts with your blurglecruncheons... before I write another limerick!
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