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Bath Bombs

June 14
If you were wondering how to spend those bath tokens from the Quest-a-Thon, I have a suggestion for you. I'm really looking forward to playing around with these Bath Bombs, even though its going to take me a while to collect them all from the Bathhouse Shop.

Vengeful Spirit Bath Bomb Blossoming Love Bath Bomb

Celestial Bath Bomb Ocean Wave Bath Bomb Soothing Green Tea Bath Bomb

Questing For Food

June 10
This brings back some fond memories! But kind of strange, don't you think, to not have any food when celebrating fast food? You can pick these up in Pete's section.

Taco Bout It Shirt Sweet Stuffed Cake Beanbag Spices Around the World

The Veggikumora Life Meatosaurus Plushie Wok This Way Sticker

Throwback Loot

June 8
Wow Subeta art has come a very long way since Vampire Dog was first created! You can find him and the Goo Hund in the Throwback tab at the Battle Coliseum. Vampire Dog's fifth win drops include:
Eyebrows of the Night Doll Vlad

Defeat Goo Hund five times and get the following:
Deadly Pup Goo Drops Goo Pupper Plushie

Demi Elixirs

June 6
There are two new Demi elixirs along with the pretty revamps. You'll find them at the Apocalyptic Apothecary, they won't be easy to stumble across!

Golden Demi Elixir Marsh Demi Elixir

June Brew

June 4
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Go ahead and visit dear Gunter to pick up this month's brewery release!

Breakneck Brew
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