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July 18
I know you've heard about it.. I'm sure you've seen the signs.. and now its finally HERE!  Ladies and gentlemen!  Subetians of all ages!  It's time for the PEKA-BOO FESTIVAL!

There are tents filled with surprises, food trucks galore, an adorable goat named Oatmeal and a wishing shrub!  A Wishing shrub!  Never heard of that before.  Where was I?  Theres so much to do, so much to discover, what are you waiting for!?  GO!

Here's a couple things you'll find:

Sexy Frozen Citrus Cocktail | Blue Soft Toilet Roll
*Those are special btw*

Peka-Boo Crowd Sticker | Your Pickle Could Get You in a Pickle | Wafflecone Mountain | Lumpia

Tar Pit | Chimichanga | Ikumoradeekanox Fruit Kabobs | Chicken Tikka Masala | Aloo Tikki

Most everyone knows SubetaLodge is a collectors go-to fansite but this time I want to warn you that you may find spoilers putting Peka-Boo Festival in item notes.  ^^

All the colors of the rainbow!

July 17
These new Token Shop wigs must be for the Peka-Boo Fest right!?  They're so summery!  I hope yall got your hands on one!

Chunk of Rainbow Dreads | Swirl of Rainbow Locks
200 wiz tokens each

More Musical Magic

July 15
Oh wow, did you hear?  Poor Elwood got himself banned from Peka-Boo somehow!  That's terrible!  At least he had time to let us know about more VIP passes and some new instruments going on sale in the Music Shop

Lyre | White Grand Piano

Oh!  That reminds me.. when the Warador Elixirs were revamped, they snuck another one into the Magic Box:

Marsh Warador Elixir

Ruffles and Pleats

July 14
Ruffles and pleats may seem more like something your gram would wear but perhaps these new shirts from the Clothing Rack will appeal to you anyway.

Black Ruffled and Pleated Shirt | Cream Ruffled and Pleated Shirt | Gray Ruffled and Pleated Shirt | White Ruffled and Pleated Shirt


July 13
Cellos, Basses, violins and violas.  For whatever string instrument you may need, head to the Music Shop.  Any of these would look good in your band. Just don't drop the bass!

Grazia Violin | Brava Violin | Sonora Violin

Grazia Cello | Brava Cello | Sonora Cello

Grazia Viola | Brava Viola | Sonora Viola | Prima Viola

Grazia Double Bass | Brava Double Bass | Sonora Double Bass | Prima Double Bass

Fidele Violin Bow | Fidele Cello Bow | Fidele Viola Bow | Fidele Double Bass Bow
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