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Toy Trikes

December 5
With these sparkly new tricycles around your pets will never get bored. Enjoy rummaging around the Toy Shop to find the one you like most.

Blue Fantastic Tricycle | Green Fantastic Tricycle

Purple Fantastic Tricycle | Red Fantastic Tricycle | Yellow Fantastic Tricycle

Snowball Fight!

December 4
I bet it'd be fun to tease zombies with those Brain Snowballs! And I wonder what a Moosey Snowball will look like? Gather up a bunch of them at Avalanche Emporium and prepare for a huge Snowtapult fight!

Brain Snowball | Clownin Snowball | Decked Wreath Snowball

Flitter Snowball | Fried Egg Snowball | Ghosty Snowball

Joyful Snowball | Moosey Snowball | Planetary Snowball | Pyramid Snowball

Chocolates and Cupcakes

December 4
Mmmmm.. chocolate.  And frosting.  Lots and lots of frosting.  I think the Bake Shop and the Candy Shack have been easedropping on my dreams:

Girly Festive Cheery Cupcake | Pine Festive Cheery Cupcake | Wintery Festive Cheery Cupcake

Dipped White Chocolate Neela | Dipped Dark Chocolate Neela | Dipped Milk Chocolate Neela


I don't know about you guys but I'm having a heck of a time catching the muted evergreen items from the Token Shop:

Muted Evergreen Two-Toned Bob | Muted Evergreen Winter Jacket

Muted Evergreen Leggings | Muted Evergreen Winter Boots | Muted Evergreen Mid-Sleeve Tunic

Never Trust the Hustler

December 2
What on Subeta is a Lurby?! Better beware...knowing how the Hustler operates they can probably record your super secret conversations. If they ever disappear on you, better run straight toward the Hustler's booth and intercept it before it can report back! Those buttons, on the other hand, are pretty cute. Might want to check the stitching though.

Snowman Special Button | Elf Special Button | Jack Frost Special Button

Hearts Lurby | Spotted Lurby | Star Lurby | Striped Lurby | Wave Lurby

Bright lights and amazing sights

December 1

December 2014 Collection

The iridescent colors of the Aurora Borealis swirl around each and every item in the December 2014 Collection. Which enchanted item will you choose? Capture your own northern lights or maybe play with the Haeronaut plushie as it flies through the sky.  Be sure to pick one or more in the Cash shop before December passes us by.


Aurora Sparkles | Glittering Fairy Dust

Aurora Trinket Box | Aurora Silent Bells | Netted Aurora Fish

Aurora Pegasus Beanbag | Haeronaut Plushie | Northern Lights Poetry Book

Broken Bottles | Captured Northern Lights

Brilliant Aurora Borealis Ring
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