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Vanity Rules!

April 4
Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!  The fifth edition of Vanity has hit the shelves at the Cash Shop!

Vanity Fifth Edition

Click HERE to see the amazing sets you can pick up!

Whats wrong with this picture!??

April 4
Seriously!  What on earth happened here!?  All I know for sure is I saw an achievement for 10 wins against the Mad Scientist Eric mentioned so I went for it.  I got this:

Destroyed Research File Cabinet

I was apprehensive but checked it out and when I saw it held ANOTHER challenger to unlock I was so stoked I could hardly wait!  And then I got a look at.. it

Yeaaaaaaaah.. uh.. allll-righty then.  It took awhile but so far I've discovered if you manage 5 wins against whatever that is, you'll get these:

Unstable Sample Syringe | Contaminated Test Tube | Mutyke

(and the realization that it may be best to avoid any type of chemist based activity for the rest of my life)


April 3
A filing cabinet filled close to bursting with detailed information on challengers sits in the corner of the Battle Colliseum.  A disheveled woman muttering to herself stands guard. Who is she? She's the newest challenger, Mad Scientist, available to be battled in the Battle Coliseum.

Unlock the mad scientist with

Research File Cabinet

IF you are able to beat her 5 times you get some pretty nice loot.

Scientist Specs | Mad Scientist Plushie | Research Field Journal


April 3
Hope you have managed to fit some Wizard Quests in between all that dancing because you aren't going to want to be caught short of tokens if you catch these gorgeous new masks in stock.

These two restock in the Token shop

Crystallized Specialty Mask | Albino Peacock Specialty Mask

While this one restocks in Blackheart Hollow

Laceveil Specialty Mask

April Showers

April 1
I don't know about you guys but I am a huge fan of this months collection from the Cash Shop!  (and that's no joke)

April 2014 Collection

All About Clouds | Frogdog Plushie | Swirling Haboob Fabric | Lightning Zapped Scarf | Stormbolt

Storm Flask | Tornado Stone Tablet | Rainwater Carafe | Mister Sun Plushie | Stone Shark Fetish
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