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Adorable Chibi Neela

April 16
In my "neck of the woods" there is a blizzard going on believe it or not but never fear!  The Cash Shop knows how to brighten someone's day with these new items.  I mean, seriously.. does it get any cuter?

Well maybe.. with these new collectibles from the Neela section

Chibi Neela Beanbag | Chibi Neela Plushie

Wigs, windows and cutouts!

April 15
There are some exciting new wearable selections from Thimble & Co.. Note that the items in the bottom two rows don't look like there is a preview. That's because they cut out parts of the background. To see what the items do, go to your wardrobe, add a background to your HA, then choose "all clothing on Subeta." Enter any of the new items in "Filter Name:" and you will be able to see the effect.

Chewed Draftsman Chalk | Chipped Draftsman Chalk

Stubby Draftsman Chalk | Sharpened Draftsman Chalk | Dull Draftsman Chalk

Unfinished Cherry Window Frame | Unfinished Aluminum Window Frame | Unfinished Black Window Frame   

Unfinished White Window Frame | Unfinished Walnut Window Frame | Unfinished Oak Window Frame

Replacement Hobby Blades | Cutting Mat | Metal Ruler

Tracing Paper Roll | Hobby Knife | Metal Half Square | Lace Border Punch


April 12
A new beast (with a slew of related items) can be found at the Cash Shop. Hopefully it won't eat the other beasts for sale.


Terrorble Tuft | Terrornia Plushie | Terrorfying Sticker | Finding Terrornia

Preserved Terrornia Wing Bones | Dusty Terrornia Feather | Terror Scale Leggings | Terroryaki

Food Stickers

April 12
Been earning Quest Points but run out of things to spend them on?
Pete has just released some new stickers into the Quest Shop that are sure to Egg-cite!

A-maize-ing Sticker | Egg-cellent Sticker | Peas and Thank You Sticker

Great Pear Sticker | Souper Sticker

Apple Of My Eye Sticker | Olive You Sticker | A-peel-ing Sticker
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