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Opponent time

August 27
*phew* Talk about a battle bonanza!  We just escaped the wrath of Kiyo and these challengers show up!  Not that I mind, I love battling.  Pick up one of these from the Cash Shop you'll be able to unlock Tatuvichwa.  Deciding on using it or keeping it might be a problem though:

Fire Ice And Air Knuckles

Extendable Elemental Trident | Tatuvichwa Beanbag | Elemental Wings Of Honor Sticker | Triple Threat Scroll
Manage 5 wins and all that loot will be yours!

Stop by the Millionaire Center to pick up one of these for unlocking Rimeflare Hatchling:

Rimeflare Tablet

Rusted Rimeflare Shackle | Rimeflare Whelp
Manage 5 wins and you'll win these!

Token Shop

August 25
Hop on over to the Token Shop to get your very own wearable xotls.

Carved and Painted Xotls
600 wiz tokens

Best of luck catching it in stock.

Delish Vir and Go Sets

August 22
Two new Delish sets have just appeared in the Cash Shop.

Delish Vir | Delish Go

The Delish Vir Sleeves transform into the various Delish Vir Sleeves (Base x)

August Cash Shop bonus

August 21
I'm excited!  Are you excited!?  Subeta's monthly Cash shop bonus has been announced which means the Zodiac collection shouldn't be far behind I hope!  I wonder what they'll be called!?  Vir-Goo?  Vur-Gos? Vir-Goe? 

Oh, right.. sorry about that y'all.  I'm getting ahead of myself, lol.  Here are this months Paypal and Stripe perks:

Peridot Gladioli | Elegant Pair of Does
Pay-Pal perk - Stripe perk


We hope you've been keeping up with the plot, Subetalodgers.  To avoid giving anything away we haven't been posting the new prizes right away - but if you're curious you can find them in the new items.  We should be in the clear for the latest ones, so here they are:

Ancient Codex Scroll | Ponderous Cane Topper

The P Word | Five Taste Smoothie

While waiting to see if they release anything else I think I'll try to help get Pete's spirit offerings in the green, there could be more prizes if we pull that off!

Hustling Hustler

August 16
Well everyone's favourite rip-off artist is at it again! These new wearables are lovely, but I'm sure its just a distraction in the hopes we won't notice he's doubled his prices for those secret boxes.

Ragged Hydrus Membrane | Glowing Hydrus Sea Glass | Fallen Hydrus Quill

Flowing Hydrus Seaweed | Broken Hydrus Coral | Loose Hydrus Barnacles
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