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Use Up Your Leftovers In A Jell-O Salad Week?!

May 18
This seems like a perfectly dreadful use for Jell-O:

No wonder gelatin is angry enough to fight back!

Some of these new items are already available for defeating the first gelatin challenger 5 times.

Geldrop | You Gelly Sticker | Gelilar

Gel Spells | Gelashell Beanbag | Liquishell

Gelatin Glider Plushie | A Guide to Gelatins | Leftover Hydragel | Hydragellos Essence

Sweet Little Baby Baked Goods

May 18
Babies, babies EVERYWHERE! be careful because they might bite you!
You can surprise the new parents with those new baby goods at Fantine's Bakery.

Baby Rattle Cake Pop | Baby Bear Tiered Cake

Cream Filled Baby Booty Bread | Baby Bottle Sugar Cookie | Baby Bear Chocolate Cupcake

Dust to Dust

May 11
1 comment
There's a new challenger in the Battle Coliseum:

The Dust Bunny is classified as a Hard opponent, and is automatically available. You do not need to do anything special to unlock it.  After defeating it five times with the same pet, it drops these items:

Dust Bunny Ears | Dust Bunny Plushie

I tried to think of a good "dust" song to open this post with, but it turns out there are so many!   "Dust in the Wind", "Stardust", "Dust Bowl Blues", "Another One Bites The Dust", "Devils and Dust" -- not to mention anything by Dusty Springfield or the Dust Brothers. 

What's your favorite dust-related song?
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