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Beanbags and Books

September 15
More collectibles!  This time we've been invited to visit the Beanbag Shop and the Book Nook to find these the newest items:

Laure Beanbag | Esmerelda Beanbag

Johannes Beanbag | Sephora Beanbag | Mathis Beanbag

Popoko Puzzles | Donadak Diary

Sheeta Secrets | Montre Mysteries | Jollin Journal

It's In The Cards

September 15
Do you spend a lot of time working on your collections?  Did seeing 235/250 Collectable Cards drive you crazy?  Manwar down at the Trading Card Center has the solution in stock - finally!

Gunter Trading Card | Manwar Trading Card | Dolly Trading Card

Johannes Trading Card | Oatmeal Trading Card | Skitters Trading Card | Ecks Trading Card

Angrybeard Trading Card | Belial Trading Card | Liz Trading Card | Zuzu Trading Card

Sephora Trading Card | Rana El-Amin Trading Card | Esther Trading Card | Elsie Trading Card

Collection Day!

September 15
Today is Collection Day!  They're starting off the celebration with new stickers on sale at Stick It To The Man:

Birthday Presents Sticker | Birthday Cake Sticker

Birthday Hats Sticker | Happy Birthday! Sticker | Birthday Card Sticker

You can find these awesome new plushies at the Plushie Parlour:

Aboxalpse Plushie | Felibot 1.0 Plushie

Daemon Plushie | General Error Plushie | Eclipse Plushie

And these are in the secretive Blue Building:

Prodigy Plushie | A Very Blue Birthday | Prodigy Beanbag | Bea-U Sticker

And acheivements!  Holy wow for the achievements!  Have fun collecting them all!

Can you guess what this is about?

September 14
If you were a Mind Reader you wouldn't even have to read this post! Smiley   Belial  from the closed Graveyard shop is now back and he wants you to read his mind.

If you can guess right enough a few times in a row you can win some nice prices such as the

Toxitode Crystal Ball | Mindreading 101

and if you quit before you lose you also have a chance of a few special items such as

Tinfoil Crown | Toxitode Sticker | Mindreader Cookies


September 14
Scratchcards have gotten a make-over and some new achievements.  Wait until you see the prize for scratching all of them!

Cloud of Nebulous Space Dust
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