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New Hair!

October 8

Thanks Gunter!

October 7
Gunter has left us with a tasty fairwell as a Free Gift guys:

Corn And Potato Skillet

Annual October Giveaway - Week Two!

October 6
This weeks Giveaway has come to a close!  Numbers will now be drawn, prizes sent out and winners posted shortly!  THANK YOU ALL FOR ENTERING!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If we work together, we can find a cure to slay this beast!  We must save the taa-taas!

Hey y'all, you're just in time!  Week 2 of Laurie's Annual October Giveaway is underway!  If you're new to the lodge, I'll give you a quick recap.  To get to the giveaway topic from the news page, click the link under my name in the upper left hand corner of this announcement, click reply and follow these 2 rules:

1)  Post your user name at Subeta, even if it's the same as your name at SubetaLodge. (No, you can't sign someone else up, if they would like to enter, they have to do it themselves)

2)  One post per person per drawing.
How it works:

Monday you'll get a group ping reminding y'all to come to the lodge and sign up for a chance at this weeks prizes.  
Sunday around 10 pm Subeta time the drawing will close (Halloween being the exception)
Sunday evening I will draw numbers to determine the winners and send the lucky person the item they've won via the Gift Center. Once all prizes have been sent, I'll announce the winners and prize won on this week's giveaway topic on Subeta.

*If you dont accept gifts from non-friends, that's not a problem.  I'll use the Trade Center and comment you instead.
*Yes you can and should enter every drawing - I insist!  Enter Every Week!

Lets get it started in here!

For many, fall is their favorite time of year because it's the start of school. Kids love it because they get to see their friends again, teachers love it because, after two months off, it's great to be back in a routine. But the ones who seem to appreciate Fall the most are parents who are glad to get their kids out of their hair for a few hours each day so that they can concentrate on getting some real work done around the catching up on General Hospital.

Grand Prize
Knowledge is power

Mystic Champions
You're number one. Never forget that. c:

Discs on Top of Discs | Kora Gems

Dreams of Spindles | Mystic Spindles: A History | Cackling Ghostlies


Verdi New Bloom Blouse

Verdi New Bloom Boots

Verdi New Bloom Bustle

Verdi New Bloom Hairbrush

Verdi New Bloom Lace Brassiere

Verdi New Bloom Natural Eyeshadow

Verdi New Bloom Rose Cameo

Verdi New Bloom Shorts

Verdi New Bloom Tights

Lililace Gray Days Ankle Boots

Lililace Gray Days Bangle

Lililace Gray Days Chevron Tights

Lililace Gray Days Chocolate Locks

Lililace Gray Days Corset Top

Lililace Gray Days Knotted Scarf

Lililace Gray Days Leather Satchel

Lililace Gray Days Lip Butter

Lililace Gray Days Liquid Liner

Lililace Gray Days Mustard Skirt

Lililace Gray Days Olive Anorak

Lililace Gray Days Woolen Socks

Professor New HiFi Circle Lenses

Professor New HiFi Designer White Tee

Professor New HiFi Dirty Wash Jeans

Professor New HiFi Hat

Professor New HiFi Headphones

Professor New HiFi Hi-Tops

Professor New HiFi Inky Brush Pen

Professor New HiFi Overtop

Professor New HiFi Scrunchie

Professor New HiFi Slip-Ons

Professor New HiFi Smoothing Brush

Professor New HiFi Styling Putty

Professor New HiFi Track Jacket

Professor New HiFi Undershirt

Professor New Overkill Distressed Sweater

Professor New Overkill Dusky Curls

Professor New Overkill Fur Trim

Professor New Overkill Gilded Pump

Professor New Overkill Headpiece

Professor New Overkill Hosiery Box

Professor New Overkill Lace Overlay

Professor New Overkill Lip Stain

Professor New Overkill Mascara

Professor New Overkill Necklace

Professor New Overkill Odds and Ends

Professor New Overkill Scale Dress

Professor New Overkill Scale Top

Professor New Overkill Shaving Cream

Professor New Overkill Shoes

Professor New Overkill Styling Paste

Professor New Overkill Top Hat

Professor New Overkill Trousers

Teddy Bear Sword | Ol Blue

Avarice Sticker

Blazebird Special Edition Betadoll

Pink Hugga Bear x5 given to random winners

Good Luck Everyone and remember, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
*Hosting this giveaway is my way of honoring the memory those who lost their battle with this beast and encouraging those still locked in battle to keep fighting the fight for a cure.  To those of you asking if you can help - your thoughtfulness makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and yes, you can help by entering the giveaway and keeping the drive alive.  Encourage your loved ones to talk to their doctor about recommended screenings.  If you'll do that for me, I will love you forever  ~L

Keep the awareness drive alive - long live the taa-taas!

Lash and Shadow Sets

October 5
Ahhhh makeup! One can never have enough. Stroll over to the Grooming Parlor to pick through the lovely colour selections, but you might want to avoid those defective ones.

Blue Lash and Shadow Set | Purple Lash and Shadow Set | Orange Lash and Shadow Set

Defective Lash and Shadow Set | Brown Lash and Shadow Set | Red Lash and Shadow Set | Green Lash and Shadow Set

Goats in the token shop

October 4
Have you been to visit Oatmeal in Veta Lake? Does it make you want a goat of your own? If so you should drop by the Token Shop and pick up the latest book.

Caring For Your Golden Goat
175 wiz tokens
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