All of our Scrolls have been updated to once again show the stats (Thanks to Lypsyl and Osterizer)!
Let us know if you notice any that need changes.

Recycle Beast

January 7
Of course, don't you just know it? The day AFTER I make an underwater HA the Recycle Beast comes up with with a gorgeous new underwater creature. I got one from the Beast's Shop anyway because some day I may make another watery HA.

Immortal Jelly Stone

New search feature

January 6
Ever wanted to find a list of cars, searched for "car", and gotten a huge list of items including cards, carpets, scarves, carved pumpkins, and mascara?

Now you can search for an exact word in an item name by placing an @ in front of your search term.  For example, searching for @car will give a list of items that includes the Dusk Car Plushie, but not Berry Spice Macarons.

Or you can search for an exact item name by placing a *  in front of your search term.  Searching for *orange will return the item named Orange, but no other orange items.  

You may also create custom checklists using this syntax.  

Montre Plushies and a Timely Stout

January 5
It's been awhile, let's hope that posting news about a new brew available from Gunter's Selbstgebraute home brew club and new Montre Plushies from the Plushie Parlour will be like riding a bike and I remember how to use the clutch.

Timely Stout


Nuclear Montre Plushie | Silver Montre Plushie

Marsh Montre Plushie | Cherry Montre Plushie | Aqua Montre Plushie

Quest Shop-Carl

January 3
I guess anything is possible, but I never thought Carl would be into chickens...or onesies. If you're questing for New Years Tokens, hopefully you'll also be picking up some Quest Points to buy these in Carl's Quest Shop Section.

Chicken in a Rainbow Zebra Print Onesie Doll | Chicken in a Striped Onesie Doll

Chicken in a Skeleton Onesie Doll | Chicken in a Snowflake Onesie Doll | Chicken in a Leopard Print Onesie Doll

Majestic Rooster

January 2
A rather regal and haughty name for this odd creature. You'll need to spend quite a few days bonding with this rooster at Dara's Darlings, since it seems he requires a strong bond before you have the option to buy him.

Majestic Rooster
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