Today is

Loony Tunes

July 18
Those new specs in the Token Shop look like tons of fun, don't they!?

Loony Specs
225 wiz tokens

I hope you're lucky enough to grab a pair

Dee Layla Fair is everywhere!

July 17
The bold and daring designer Dee Layla has pulled out up the stakes with her sizzling introductory line Dee Layla Fair.  These new designs are only available at Subeautique, of course.

Dee Layla Fair
It's gonna be a hot time in the big top tonight!  

Free Gift and Tribute

July 13
Today Subeta is giving everyone a Free Gift that's both a beautiful tribute and virtual hug to the gamer in all of us. 

Box of Childhood Memories
and 100 sP

Rest in Peace Mr. Iwata.. and thank you.

Starfish Stuff

July 8
Well its going to take a lot of talking to earn the forum points to buy the latest items. I don't talk much, so its going to take me forever. Maybe I need to cultivate my speaking skills...blah....blah...blah...(2 hours later)...and really it can't be that difficult to come up with stuff to say. Oh...and did I forget to mention that these starfish can be found in the Forum Shop? Right, I also failed to mention that you need to talk on the Subeta Forums to get the points...hmmm...I guess maybe I should shup up here and go there.

Starfish Ice Cream Cone | Starfish Bound Book of Starfish

Starfish Shoes | Hat-Wearing Starfish Figurine | Squishy Starfish Beanbag
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