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Morostide 2014 Plot Prizes are out!

November 3
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The Morostide 2014 plot is over with a bang or at least a sweet kiss. Smiley  I hope everyone did all the steps of the plot and battled your little hearts out because there are a ton of prizes to be had. Right now we aren't sure what the cutoffs were for getting items, but here is what you have or could have possibly won.

Mad-Science Multitool | Heavy Duty Flashlight | Rocking Skull Display | Twisted Vine Tea | Shattered Skull of Power

Pet Ruby Widows | Twisted Jaxon Plushie | Jaxoyle | Tainted Keeper Skull Staff | Twisted and Used Stitches

Twisted Keeper Focus | Skelly Scroll | BFFs 4eva Plushie | Amazing Teacup Plushie | Ghostly Prankster Beanbag

Antique Scuffed Boots | Fuel Your Nightmares | Deceptive Manor Certificate | Ghost Candy | Scrufflefluff

Snowflaik Beanbag | Vintage Maliss Plushie | Baby Ghost Sticker | Antique Candlesticks | Peeling Wallpaper

Clown Spider | Licorice Wings | Snapshot of a Kiss | Old-Fashioned Snowflaik Plushie | Old Cracked Photo

Ghost Guts | Old Family History Book | Bloody Strands | Spiked Bat | Leftover Hair Dye

Shadows of Shadowglen | Tousled Lab Coat | Ballerina Music Box | Preserved Tomatoes | Dahllie

Inscrutable Maliss Figurine | Bleak Ghost Sticker | Small Jar of Nightmare Fuel | Skull Vodka Bottle | Skritskit

Skelly Spare Jacket | Dionaea Audricus Plushie | Giant Ghost Sticker | Blehb | Blushing Ian Beanbag

Blushing Jaxon Beanbag | Scientific Notebook | Box of Love Letters | Royal Ghost Sticker | Thingy

Ornate Jewelry Box | Dusty Old Tome | Ancient Boo Cooler Juice Box | Nightmare Fuel

And thats the game!

November 1

If we work together, we can find a cure to slay this beast!  We must save the taa-taas!

October 2014 will soon be a memory.  Thank you, each and every one of you who took the time to enter the Raise Awareness giveaway.  In my mind, you're all winners.

I would like to say something to those of you who commented here or in person about your battles against this beast, sharing your victories, your loss, your continuing struggle - The reply number on forum is your ticket into the drawing so I do not post on the giveaway forum, but once it's over, I always go back and read every entrant's post.  I want you to know that your words left a lasting impression on my heart - thank you for that. My thoughts and well wishes go with you all.

To those of you who've lost family and friends, I share your pain.  Like you, I would give anything to ensure no one else ever had to feel it again. 

To those of you fighting, don't lose hope.  New advances in medicine are being made every day.  I know its hard but please, keep fighting.  Don't give up, don't let it win.

To those of you who've kicked it's ass, GO YOU!  Keep going in for your screenings, stay ahead of this monster, I want to see another year added to your tally next October!

And now it's time to say buh-bye but I'll meet ya back here, same time, same place next October - until then take care y'all. 


November Collection

November 1
The start of new month means the new collection is out! In between resting from all that Morostide activity, mosey on down to the Cash Shop to see all the scaly wonders.

November 2014 Collection

Beautiful Lizard Beanbag | Little Dino Egg | Vibrant Scrap of Chameleon Fabric

Horned Lizard Mantle | Riveting Reptiles | Dishful of Veggies

Red-Sided Garter Scarf | Handmade Stegosaurus Plushie | Archelite

These items transform into each other

Feasting Ringneck Snake | Hatching Snake Eggs


October 31
If you need a little break from battling head over to the Cash Shop for a sample of the new Neela colors.

Nightmare Neela Beanbag | Nightmare Neela Plushie | Bloodred Neela Plushie | Bloodred Neela Beanbag
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