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The Wolf in Granny's Clothing

June 18
What better way to start the weekend than with a new battle challenger from the Cash Shop!

Muffins From Red

After defeating The Wolf in Granny's Clothing five times, you'll gain these great items.

Big Bad Family Album | Granny Telly Plushie | Little Red Riding Hood Fairytale

Bonus Weekend

June 17
The alternate June birthstone, the alexandrite, is a rare and beautiful stone! Much like these new cash shop rewards. Get the Octopus for buying cash shop credits with Stripe, and the Honeysuckle by using Braintree/Paypal. You have until 4PM Monday, June 20th to get yours, as well as 15% bonus cash shop credits.

Alexandrite Octopus | Alexandrite Honeysuckle
Stripe | Braintree/Paypal

Even more Tempest items!

June 15
Tempest sure has been busy this summer.  Last month, she introduced these new items, and today, she's introduced four more items: 

Tempestuous Berries | How To Befriend Tempest

These two items transform into one another: 

Sparkling Raindrop Vial | Cracked Raindrop Vial

Now, if only she'd come down and play with me more often!

With a heavy heart I make this post

June 12
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It is with a heavy heart I post the Free Gift Charity is offering.

Candle Of Unity

(From "Mass shooting at Orlando gay club" ORLANDO, Fla. -- The latest on the attack at an Orlando nightclub, which is now apparently the deadliest mass shooting in American history leaving 50 dead and another 50 wounded.  

I have no words.  My heart is on the ground as I mourn for those who lost their lives, those who are hurt and all who loved them who's lives are forever changed.
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