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Ornate bottles

August 16

Bonus CSC Weekend

August 15
Between now and 4 pm Subeta time on Monday, August 18th any purchase of Cash Shop Credits with Paypal or Stripe you'll get 15% more CSC and this stunning wearable:

Sheer Peridot Fabric

See what I mean?  Stunning!

Basic Sandals

August 14
I like the green ones. What do you think? Don't forget you should always take a pair of knee high nylons along with you when you go to the Beach Shack to try on sandals.

Basic Blue Sandals | Basic Purple Sandals | Basic Orange Sandals

Basic White Sandals | Basic Red Sandals | Basic Yellow Sandals | Basic Green Sandals

Token Shop Bags and Backpacks

August 14
testing.. testing.. is this thing on!?  Looks like it is!  Sorry about that Subetians, I have no idea what happened but we're back and now I can tell y'all about the latest items on sale in the Token Shop!

Panda Love Fashion Bag
600 Wiz Tokens

Panda Love Plush Panda Bracelet | Panda Love Dress Tee

Panda Love Checkers and Pink Locks | Panda Love Checker Knee Socks | Panda Love Checker Platforms


Toxic Skull Backpack
500 Wiz Tokens

Toxic Skull Leather Jacket | Toxic Skull Dark Pants | Toxic Skull Pomade | Toxic Skull Teeth Breakers

You'll find all of the items listed inside of them if you're lucky enough to catch one!

Fade Capris

August 12
Even if I don't like thinking about summer fading into fall, I really like the looks of the new Fade Capris on sale at the Beach Shack:

Orange Fade Capris | Purple Fade Capris | Red Fade Capris

Green Fade Capris | Yellow Fade Capris | Blue Fade Capris
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