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July 13
Cellos, Basses, violins and violas.  For whatever string instrument you may need, head to the Music Shop.  Any of these would look good in your band. Just don't drop the bass!

Grazia Violin | Brava Violin | Sonora Violin

Grazia Cello | Brava Cello | Sonora Cello

Grazia Viola | Brava Viola | Sonora Viola | Prima Viola

Grazia Double Bass | Brava Double Bass | Sonora Double Bass | Prima Double Bass

Fidele Violin Bow | Fidele Cello Bow | Fidele Viola Bow | Fidele Double Bass Bow

The universal language of music

July 11
Holy Wow!  Johannes down at the Music Shop is really gearing up for the Battle of the Bands with these new instruments!  And now a lot of the older ones are wearable too!  Now you can really get your groove on, y'all!

Mandolin | Trombone

Harp | Basic Ukulele | Sunburst Ukulele | Galaxy Ukulele

Flowery Ukulele | Sunset Tie-Dye Ukulele | Banjo | Cowbell

Black Drum Kit | Gold Drum Kit | Red Drum Kit | Blue Drum Kit

Rainyday Ethereal Line

July 11
Designer Rainyday has created a new line. Hopefully you'll be able to score a bunch of invites for Subeautique so you can pick up every one of these lovely new Rainyday Ethereal pieces.

Rainyday Ethereal Antlers | Rainyday Ethereal Dress | Rainyday Ethereal Eyeliner

Rainyday Ethereal Feather | Rainyday Ethereal Hair Product | Rainyday Ethereal Headpiece

Rainyday Ethereal Jacket | Rainyday Ethereal Lipstick | Rainyday Ethereal Sandals | Rainyday Ethereal Top

Cash Shop - Zoe Sets

July 9
There is a new designer at the Cash Shop Boutique, introducing Zoe with the Zoe Daze and Zoe Daydream Sets. You can buy pieces individually, or the entire set at a discount.


Zoe Daydream Set  Zoe Daze Set

Creme Liners

July 9
Make those gorgeous eyes of yours even more stunning with these new Creme Liners restocking at the Grooming Parlour.

Gold Creme Liner | Blue Creme Liner

Purple Creme Liner | Green Creme Liner | Black Creme Liner
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