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Mock Clips

May 8

Serpenth Plushies

May 8
I love Serpenths! The new plushies remind me of the ouroboros, eternal cycle of renewal sounds appropriate for a revamp. As usual, Zuzu has these in the Plushie Parlor

Cherry Serpenth Plushie Silver Serpenth Plushie Aqua Serpenth Plushie Nuclear Serpenth Plushie

Bath time!

May 4
"Calgon, take me away!"
Not only does the Bathhouse Shop have some new items, but you can also randomly pick up a couple of new toys when you visit the Bathhouse, so don't forget your daily soak.

Tub-Scrubber Attendant Spiritual Bath Token

Spiritual Bath Mix Water Damaged Book Bathhouse Attendant Beanbag

Random Bathhouse items.
Rubber Mallarchy Rubber Tutani

Skull Charms

May 3
Have some old junk taking up valuable space? Drop it off with the Recycle Beast and maybe pick up these new charms while you're at it. The Recycle Shop is open day or night.
Silver Skull Collar Charm Gold Skull Collar Charm

May Collection

May 1
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This month's collection seems to be all about weddings...wonder if that means there's going to be a surprise Subeta wedding? In any case, the collection is available in the Cash Shop.

May 2017 Collection

Wedding Inspiration Photos Writing Your Own Vows Glade Wedding Cake Chalkboard Welcome Easel

These items transform into each other. The Flower-Bound Rings is the item actually in the collection.
Flower-Bound Rings Perfect Gardenia

And don't forget the May Donation Presents which were formerly opened to receive a random item, now allow you to choose an item.
May 2008 Donation Present May 2007 Donation Present May 2006 Donation Present
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