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Reading is Fun

November 17
The much anticipated second issues of several books have finally been released.
Head over to the Book Nook to pick up a few copies.

Insane Programming Volume 2 | Modern Science Volume II | Mirage Issue 2 | MusiNews Issue 2

Cards Issue 2 | Bleak Issue 2 | 100 Degrees Issue 2

Head over to the General Discussion forum and try to help figure out the GenTech combo for this little guy!

Chibi Graveyard Hikei Plushie

Scraps at the Beach Shack

November 15
Ever felt those lovely translucent cover ups seem a little incomplete? Feeling a little too breezy with a wide open back? Well the Beach Shack now has some solutions for that in stock!

Breezy Shell Scrap | Breezy Seafoam Scrap | Breezy Purple Scrap

Breezy Orange Scrap | Breezy Blue Scrap | Breezy Sand Scrap

Wizard Quest Shop

November 14
Oh my the Wizard sure is offering some gorgeous new items. I'm going to have to quest hard to get that Kumos Sky Framed Print! Head over to the Wizard's Section of the Quest Shop to pick out the items you want.

Handbook for the Wizard Apprentice | Kumos Creation Myths

Desert Mage Sash | Desert Mage Robe | Kumos Sky Framed Print

Luna Treats | Wizard Token Love Sticker | Luna Sticker

Serigem Beanbag | Serigem Plushie | Serigem

Hustlin' Hustler

November 10
That mischievous Hustler is at it again with a few new prizes to sucker you into giving up your money.  Maybe you won't feel so bad losing your money if you can get your hands on some of these  items.

Seacow | Chich

Hustler Shirt | Gummy Fried Egg | Lemons in a Gravy Boat

Cave Bat

November 9
Is this a little holdover from Morostide?
Don't know, just know I need to catch a Token Shop restock to get one.

Cave Bat
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