January 24
What's better on a chilly winters day than steaming mugs of hot chocolate?  Steaming mugs of CARAMEL hot chocloate!  You can get yours from Jade over at Get Mugged along with these tantalizing flavors:

Dark Hot Chocolate | Mint White Hot Chocolate

Caramel Hot Chocolate | Smores Hot Chocolate | Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate

Auqa and Rius have arrived!

January 23
Dear Delish:

Bently the beagle, his frenemy KitKit and I would like to thank you for introducing this drop-dead gorgeous set today.  If y'all had released it tomorrow during the game, Lord knows what kind of mess my house would be in right now.  



Is it just me or did the Cash Shop Boutique save the best for last?

Delish Aqua set - Delish Rius set

To post or not to post

January 22
That is the conundrum.  I can't help but wonder if there's more news to come and perhaps I should wait with making a post about this being the Cash Shop 15% bonus weekend and it's new perks.  Usually right after I post the perks, murphys law takes effect and another announcement follows within a few minutes.

I know!  I'll post this as a way to test that theory for the new year!

Tanzanite Narcissi | Garnet Snowdrop
PayPal  -  Stripe

Star Gazing Reading

January 22
The Atebus Shop has perfectly timed the release of their latest books for all those night owls enjoying the last day of the Free Shop.

The Stars of the Sky | What is Out There? | How to Stargaze

Laure Lurve!

January 21
In the midst of the Free Shop madness *which I am enjoying as much as possible as should you* I was also able to grab the new plushie from the Token Shop:

Travel Ready Laure Plushie
350 wiz tokens

It was a tough choice with all of the items they released though, let me tell ya.  Thing is, the new plushie got me thinking so I went back over the post about the new Spells Galore revamps and I realized I had updated the images but not the newly wearable items:

Holy Water | Miniature Rainbow Essence | Rainbow Essence

Squid Ink | Quicksilver | Gold Dust | Pixie Dust

I think thats all of the new wearables.  Please let me know if I overlooked any!
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