Which do you want first, the bad news or the good news?

Bad news: Because of the recent changes Subeta has made to wishlist, our "Add to wishlist" links no longer add to wishlist. The best we can do is link to your wishlist so you can add it yourself. The wording on those links will be changing soon.

Good news: Your wardrobe checklists can now be sorted by layer! Thanks Jon!

Half Baked

February 22

So Delish!

February 20
Did you guys pick up on the word play between the two new Delish sets on sale in the Cash Shop Boutique?  It's almost as cute as the sets.. almost.

Delish Pye Set  Delish Cees Set

Along with these new sets, there are also bonus weekend purchase perks:

Fierce Amethyst Boots | High Amethyst Collar
Paypal Perk - Stripe Perk

There's also a Free Gift that you wont be able to bear being without!

Brainy Bear Balloon
(and 100 sP)


Everyone who entered the Survival CW Contest was given a participation prize of goatly proportions:

Nasty Old Tin Can Full of Brains


The Plushie Parlour has some new graveyard plushies for us to collect and play with:

Graveyard Warador Plushie | Graveyard Torrent Plushie

Graveyard Magnus Plushie | Graveyard Legeica Plushie | Graveyard Donadak Plushie

Survival 2015

February 14
Looks like there's some interesting things happening on Subeta tonight.  Don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself buried in kisses and find some beautiful flowers floating about - this happening can only mean one thing.  The Great Pandemic/Survival Anniversary is here.

Here are a few of the new flowers:

Memorial Forget-Me-Nots | Memorial Dandelions | Survival Small Pale Roses

(these and others can be bought from Seedlings or found randomly while browsing Subeta)

There are new items for sale in the Zombie Den, here's a few of them:

Rubbish Cologne | Dingy Gray Minidress | Brainy Undead Jacket | Off-White Undead Lace Edge Shirt

Fungal Undead Slacks | Rotten Blood Hairspray | Rotten Underground Pomade | Bruise Heart Sticker

Graveyard Torrent Beanbag | Subetan to Infected Dictionary | My Pet Heart | Bulbous Plushie

and there are new items for sale in L'amour Parlor, here's a few of them:

Pterodactyl Dino Love Dress | Romantic Licorice Hairspray | Romantic Silver Pomade

Sealed With a Kiss | Licoricetail | Rainbow Confetti Heart Balloon | Organ Luv Candy Gallbladder

Sweetheart Wyllop Plushie | Sweetheart Escalade Plushie | Sweetheart Antlephore Beanbag | Sweetheart Warador Beanbag

AND.. theres some kind of underground VIP testing going on but you'll need to go here to read up on what that's about.

Collectors, we've put The Great Pandemic 2015 in item notes for all available items as well as where you can find them for your custom lists.  Let us know of any errors, thanks!

Cash Shop-Themed items

February 13
The Cash Shop has come out with two new and wonderful creatures (along with themed items). The cute and fluffy Dunderfluf and the startlingly colourful Scalshal.

Dunderfluf | Dunderfluf Mess of Fur | Dunderfluf Spinning Top

Dunderfluf Plushie | Dunderfluf Savory Cupcake | Dunderfluf Sticker

Scalshal | Scalshal Iridescent Fabric | Scalshal Plushie

Scalshal Pinewood Racer | Scalshal Sweets | Inexplicable Scalshal Sticker

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