Which do you want first, the bad news or the good news?

Bad news: Because of the recent changes Subeta has made to wishlist, our "Add to wishlist" links no longer add to wishlist. The best we can do is link to your wishlist so you can add it yourself. The wording on those links will be changing soon.

Good news: Your wardrobe checklists can now be sorted by layer! Thanks Jon!

Mind Reader Prizes

January 13
Fancy a game of Reflection? Well too bad, because you'll only find these Florella themed items by playing Mind Reader! Good luck picking up one of these new prizes!

Florella | Florella Plushie | Fluttering Flora

Artificial Florella Flower | Large Florella Flower

Beanbag Madness

January 11
Don't they say smiles are contagious? But, I simply can not smile when I look at these, I'm just too sad that I can't feed them to my pets. They look so yummy! If you can bear to buy them and not feed them to your pets, the Beanbag shop is where you can pick them up for the sole purpose of sitting on them.

Smilie Sushi Beanbag | Smilie Strawberry Beanbag | Smilie Ice Cream Beanbag

Smilie Pea Beanbag | Smilie Cherry Beanbag | Smilie Cheese Beanbag

Minion Madness

January 9
Better grab your umbrella guys!  It's raining minions!  There's one at the BlackHeart Hollow:


One that's a Free Gift:

Alien Matter

One for an achievement from feeding 6,000 trapped minions at the Galaxan Wastelands:

Derp Matter

and this little critter just might follow you home:


will you keep it?

Cash Shop

January 8
I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking the new Yukisumi items in the Cash Shop are gorgeous because they are!  See for yourself and you'll agree:

Yukisumi | Strand of Yukisumi Hair | Cursed Yukisumi Obi | Cursed Torn Yukisumi Sleeve

Cursed Yukisumi Dumplings | Yukisumi Spirit Beanbag | Cursed Yukisumi Diary | Yukisumi Plushie

Forum Shop

January 7
Well guess its time to start chatting up a storm. You know the other day this weird thing happened. I was ... oh ... wait ... not here ... I'm so embarrassed, its at the Subeta Forums where I'm supposed to go on and on. Then I can earn raffle tickets (or was that forum tickets, no wait I think its forum points!) to use at the Forum Shop and pick up these new Sangrif items.

Sangrif | Sangrif Chick

Sangrif Nest Beanbag | Sangrif Vest | Sangrif Tail
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