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August Collection

August 1
Its that time of the month again. Loving these nostalgic items you can pick from the Collection bag found at the Cash Shop.
August 2017 Collection

Quik N Easy Oven ConstructaBrix Soldier Spiral Graphing Kit Toy Catalogue

These items transform into each other, with the Experimental hair the item that is in the collection bag.
Experimental Hair Styling Doll Foxy Hair Styling Doll

Looks like we managed to miss one of the new Museum Gift Shop items released a few days ago.

Anti-Establishment Print

Token Shop: Graffiti Wall Decal

August 1
Wow, this month has been amazing for new releases! And the SubetaTeam is ending it with a bang, in the form of a Token Shop release.

Graffiti Wall Decal

650 Wizard Tokens

New Genetech Combos

July 31
Oooh, some new (or should I say "old") paint backgrounds! Take a trip over to Ian's lab to make one!

Used Black Paint Can Used Blue Paint Can Used Brown Paint Can

Used Gold Paint Can Used Green Paint Can Used Orange Paint Can Used Purple Paint Can

Used Red Paint Can Used Silver Paint Can Used Yellow Paint Can

Thanks for the help! We have all of the combinations!

Quest Shop: Sketches and Paper

July 30
I feel like I need another Quest-a-Thon. That seems to be the only way I get my quests done. Hopefully, you have more Quest Points than I do, so that you can visit Cinthia's Quest Shop for some of these new artistic products.

Erased Sketches Pack of Cold Press Watercolor Paper Pile of Unfinished Sketches

Soggy Torn Out Doodle Page Soggy Torn Out Lined Paper Torn Out Doodle Page Torn Out Lined Paper

New Modern Art Exhibit

July 29
It's been a long time since the Delphi Museum of Modern Art had a new exhibit! Be sure to take a look at the new installments and then stop by the Gift Shop for some souvenirs.

Dance Person Plushie Delphi Souvenir Paint Set Delphi Souvenir Stamp Set

Expanding Centropolis Collector Pin Subeta Tagged Waterbottle

Papercraft Figure Pottery Clay Figure Suncatcher Figure
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