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Quest Shop - Mori/Nori

December 30
Just in time for the end of the Quest-a-Thon, more Quest Points needed. I'm running out to Nori/Mori's Quest Shop right this instant to get that gorgeous stole!

Sunrise Stole | Shining Earrings | Finding Light in the Dark

Book of Sunrises | Sunrise Spirit | You Make The World Brighter Sticker

Free Gift: Edited Script

December 27
1 comment

Edited Script

2016 has been such a sad year; Subeta invites you to accept this Free Gift in remembrance.  

Feel free to share stories in this thread.

Chaotic Rift Stone

December 26
Did you get any wizard tokens under your tree? I did, so I can afford this lovely item from the Token Shop. Or maybe you'd rather get one of the older items restocking.

Chaotic Rift Stone
500 Wizard Tokens

Cash Shop: Neela Items

December 25

Frosty Weather is Here

December 21
Have you been a good little Subetan participating in the Quest-a-Thon? If so, you might be able to afford one or two of the new winter stock items at the Quest Shop.

Vetan Hockey Stick | Gooey Chocolate Mint Cookies | Arctic Bouncer Plushie

Warm Kumos Bed Beanbag | Winter Sky Sticker | Winter Edition Shinwa Voodoo Plushie

Winter Graves Sweater | Sun on Snow | Uncle Carls Winter Tales | Fancy Snowman

Of course, if you've been questing, you might also have some spare sP around to spend at the Millionaire Center as it shifts to its Winter Stock.

Square Snowman Plushie | Suspiciously Shaped Ice Chunk | Frosted Banana Bites

Fuzzy Snowman Beanbag | Winter Sparkles Sticker | Snowchaser

Snowfields of Ytiva | Winter Solstice Celebrations | Ancient Stone Lamp
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