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Newlywed Caravan

May 28
The Token Shop has an adorable little caravan that I hope brings back summertime fun memories to everyone (newlywed or not)
Newlywed Caravan

700 tokens

Hope you're able to catch one!

Grooming Parlor: Haircut Shears

May 26
Ever wanted to layer under a hood but couldn't? Maybe these new shears can help.
You can try your luck at restocking them from the Grooming Parlor!.

Brown Haircut Shears Blonde Haircut Shears

Green Haircut Shears Black Haircut Shears Purple Haircut Shears

You can see the full list of colors here.

Wedded Bliss

May 25
I wonder how many Baked Pears I'll have to make to get to a high enough level to make any of these cakes? If you've already spent enough time in the kitchen, head on over to Fantine's Bakery to make these cakes...or to practice much easier things first.

Rustic Berry Wedding Cake Flowered High Tier Wedding Cake Coda Cave Crystal Wedding Cake Bronze Drip Wedding Cake Veta Scenery Wedding Cake

[s]P.S. if you're a high enough level to cook them, could you please drop us a line to let us know the levels for the Coda Cave Crystal Wedding Cake and Rustic Berry Wedding Cake?[/s] Thanks for the info Ziorac and forestlove!

Challenger Menecuda

May 21
Wanna battle toxic hatred? Unlock Menecuda with this new Cash Shop item.

Decayed Waste Barrel

On winning your fifth battle Menecuda drops these:
Meenymeb Menecuda Plushie

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