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Lifelike Buzz

April 30
True story, one night I was on my patio (during winter) and I kept hearing this weird buzzing noise right by my ear. I couldn't for the life of me figure out where it was coming from. Until I did, and had a mini meltdown while yelling for help. Tiny bee got tangled in my hair and it was not happy. Thankfully these adorable little guys definitely seem to want to hang out on your shoulder. Buzz on over to the Ruffie Raffle to see if you can snag one for your shoulder.

Lilac Lifelike Bumbus Doll Golden Lifelike Bumbus Doll Field Lifelike Bumbus Doll Dusk Lifelike Bumbus Doll

Dawn Lifelike Bumbus Doll Cream Lifelike Bumbus Doll Arid Lifelike Bumbus Doll Common Lifelike Bumbus Doll Nuclear Lifelike Bumbus Doll

Marsh Lifelike Bumbus Doll Twilight Lifelike Bumbus Doll Sun Lifelike Bumbus Doll Cherry Lifelike Bumbus Doll Silver Lifelike Bumbus Doll

Aqua Beanbags

April 29

Hotels for insects

April 29
You know the rhyme "April showers bring May flowers"?  Did you also know that "showers" can be rain, sleet, snow and/or a mix of all three?  Yep, after 6 weeks of very little snow, we had a sneaky snow storm that covered everything in white blanket just a couple of nights ago, can you believe that? 

Mother nature might not be ready to let go of Winter's chill but these new hotels from the Cash Shop will no doubt remind her that winter can't last forever.  Spring might only last a weekend but it will come!

Hex Insect Hotel Star Insect Hotel House Insect Hotel Square Insect Hotel Round Insect Hotel

Token Shop: Pobble

April 28
Maybe if there are enough of these little creatures floating around, we can all avoid allergy season. I mean, look at how much it loves the pollen! Grab your very own tiny bat friend at the Token Shop.


Quest Shop: Dragonflies!

April 26

Did you know that dragonflies are great mosquito hunters? And that their flight is basically like a helicopter's only better? Maybe you can adopt some of their awesome by grabbing these items from Saggitarius' section of the Quest Shop!

Fancy Garden Ticket Dragonfly Photo Attracting Pollinators and Other Helpful Creatures

Treasure of Jewelwing Dragonflies Jewelwing Dragonfly Plushie Fancy Garden Sticker

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