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Low Heels

January 5

Do you ever feel like no one understands you?
Do people tell you they want something and then when you do it they get upset?
Do you feel confused over mixed messages?
Me too. :c

The Sole Train has new shoes.

Red Low Heels | Tan Low Heels | Turquoise Low Heels | Cyan Low Heels | Gold Low Heels | Green Low Heels

Navy Low Heels | Pink Low Heels | Plum Low Heels | Purple Low Heels | Black Low Heels | Blue Low Heels | Brown Low Heels

Love Stickers

January 3

Show your love for your friends OCDs with these new Love Stickers from Stick it to the Man!

Beanbag | Battle | Avatar | Plushie

Minion | Food | Book

Cute Nerd Glasses

January 2
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Feeling oh so cute? Want to feel oh so cute? Then check out these new Cute Nerd Glasses at the Accessory Bin

Red | Orange | Yellow | Green | Blue | Purple

Brown | Black | Gray | White | Pink

Memory Book

January 2
Are you someone who likes to record your memorable times?  The Token Shop has just the thing for you, if you're lucky enough to catch it.

2011 Memory Book
125 Wiz Tokens

Delish New Year

January 2

Delish is ringing in the New Year with two new lines available only for a week.
Get yours now at the Cash Shop Boutique!

Delish New | Delish Year

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