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Flame Wings

November 10
WooHoo!  Reign wings.. er, I mean Flame Wings!  You can get yours at the Token Shop if you're quick enough.

Flame Wings
150 Wiz Tokens

Striped Sweaters

November 10
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*sighs*  It's that time of year, but hey.. if you've got to dress warmer, the new striped sweater's at the Clothing Rack is the way to go!

Candy | Dark | Sky | Rainbow

Plum | Grass | Fall

Rosey Chapeaus

November 9
My latest visit to the Cash Shop has a song from the Cat in the Hat stuck in my head!

Emerald | Gold | Indigo | Olive | Peacock

Purple | Rust | White | Blue | Black

..Cat - Hat; in French, chat, chapeau; in Spanish, el gato in a sombrero..

Doing it Old-Skool

November 7
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Professor New is up to his old tricks again with this new line of Old-Skool fashion. Only at Subeautique

We are hiring!

November 7

SubetaLodge is growing daily and we find ourselves in need of help!
We are looking to hire 2 Graphic Artists.

Graphic Artists: This position requires a thorough knowledge of and proficiency using a graphics program.
While there are no specific time requirements, you will be expected to meet a
quota which will be determined during hiring discussions with you.
The ability to code is not a requirement but is a huge plus.
You do not have to be able to do everything (CSS, profiles, shop layouts, etc.) but the more you
can do the more likely you are to be hired.
Examples of your work are required, the more, the better. At least 75% of them must be Subeta related.
For large pieces please include a link only!
Applications without examples will be automatically rejected!
You may not be currently working for another fansite.

To apply please register at the SubetaLodge forums and message your application to Georgie or Grace, or you may email your application to
Please include the job you are applying for in the subject line of your message.

   Subeta User Name:
   SubetaLodge User Name:
   Subeta Account Age:
   Time Zone:
   Approximate Number of Hours Available per Week:
   Please tell us a bit about yourself:
   Skills you offer:

 GA Applicants Only
 Program/s used:

Thank you in advance to everyone who applies. (:
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