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Leather Ankle Boots

October 29
With Morostide well under way, the leather boots come out to play!  Feeling skeptical?  These new Leather Ankle Boots now on sale at the Sole Train will make a believer out of you!

Black | Blue | Brown | Green

Purple | Red | White

Candy Corn Fascinator/Obscene Gestures and Minion Nip

October 27

The Token Shop is sporting a new look for your hair and another for your hand.

Candy Corn Fascinator | Collection of Obscene Gesture Photos
100 Tokens | 100 Tokens

The Cash Shop is trying to help you catch those elusive minions.

Bag of Minion Nip

Sweetkins I will get you the moon...plushie

October 26

These 9 new items are just sweet! You can randomly get one from the Sweetykins Goody bag.

Not quite as cute as the Sweetykin items, the Plushie Parlour has Man in the Moon plushies. They seem really happy to see you. :)

Pink | Purple | Blue | Red

Green | Teal | Orange | Yellow

New Morostide Makeup Kits

October 25
If you still haven't decided on a costume for Morostide yet, maybe these new makeup kits from the Cash Shop will give you some inspiration.

Princess | Demon | Streaks | Werewolf | Dragon | Phoenix

Upper Arm Wound | Rib Wound | Lower Arm Wound | Leg Wound

Yanked Tooth.. Teeth?

October 25
We all knew it could happen, what, with all the taffy, gumi-pops, gummy drops, gummy everything.. and now the Holiday Shop has proof!

Yanked Tooth With Pink Flesh | Yanked Tooth With Purple Flesh | Yanked Tooth With Blue Flesh | Yanked Tooth With Green Flesh

The Token Shop has been stocking something called a Net Fascinator which is rather cool looking.

250 Wiz Tokens
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