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August 29
Tired of having to use a background to hide stray hairs under your hat? How about making those new puffy sleeves into just normal sleeves? The new free gift is what you need!


Classy Top Hat Sticker

August 27
Doesn't this new sticker available at the Token Shop just scream Monopoly?

25 Wizard Tokens


August 25
Hey everybody! As promised, we have been working hard to get our new forums ready for you.
Finally, TA DA! Here they are!
Each page here on SusbetaLodge has an alert letting you know you can now set up your forum account.
All you have to do is click the button and your account is made.
One thing you need to keep in mind, if you change your password either on SubetaLodge or our
forums,you will need to also change it on the other
; it will not automagically change for you.

Be on the lookout for some fun events we are planning on bringing you very soon
to help celebrate our forum opening.
(I admit, the plans may have been delayed a bit by the RS war. :x)

Our forum rules have been changed to reflect the rules of Subeta
and  you will find they are much more lenient than those on our old forums.
Please do take a moment to read them!
For future reference, once you set up your forum account,  you will find a link to the forums
under the MY ACCOUNT section of your navigation.
Also, in your forum profile section, you will find a section where you can change the way the forums look.
There are lots of empty forums just waiting for you to fill up, so have at it!
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