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There's No Time to Waste

January 30
Don't waste any time! Head over to Dara's Darlings right away to start bonding with this adorable minion.


And speaking of waste...the recycle beast has been hard at work. You'll find this new beanbag within the huge pile of waste at the Recycle Center Shop

Gold Watch Rabbit Beanbag

New Demi Beanbags

January 29
Demi Beanbags come in these six new colors: 

Aqua Demi Beanbag | Marsh Demi Beanbag | Nuclear Demi Beanbag

Silver Demi Beanbag | Golden Demi Beanbag | Cherry Demi Beanbag

They restock at the Beanbag Shop, but with them being rarity 55 and up, you gotta be quick to get one.

Forum Shop

January 28
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Time to blurt, confabulate, blather, prattle on, jabber, blab, bend people's ears, gush, murmur, badinage and type up a storm. Get thee to the forums and earn those points so you can buy these from the Forum Shop.

Stained Glass Cake Slice | Dusty Old Recipes | Swift Star | Vintage Pup Plushie

Quest Shop: Cinthia

January 26
Cinthia has added items to her section in the Quest Shop. Fortunately, you don't actually have to do her quests to earn the points to shop there, any quest giver who hands out points will do.

Rift Fairy Dress | The Land in the Rift | Never Gonna Grow Up Sticker

Rift Fairy Dust | Rift Fairy Plushie | Rift Fruit Bar

Junko Entropy

January 25
Junko sure picked a gorgeous element on which to base the new Entropy Line.

Junko Entropy Line

Hop over to Subeautique along with one of those handy invites to try your luck at finding them in stock.
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