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Graveyard Plushies

March 2
Hello March! Farewell February! To commemorate the end of Survival, try stopping by the Plushie Parlor to pick up a new Graveyard plushie.

Graveyard Cadogre Plushie Graveyard Dragarth Plushie Graveyard Escalade Plushie

Graveyard Montre Plushie Graveyard Ontra Plushie Graveyard Wyllop Plushie

March Collection

March 1
Oh boy, does anyone else fee like they're running behind the times here? No? Just me? Maybe I should pick up a few of the new bags for myself to catch up. You can find the March 2017 Collection (and all past March Collection and Donation gifts) in the Cash Shop.

March 2017 Collection

Flickering Neon Sign Hijacked Ziaran Personal Datapad Lower Ziara Surveillance Drone Rave LED Wings

The following items transform into each other. The Blue Rave Hairspray is the actual item found in the collection.

Blue Rave Hairspray Lower Ziara Hair Chip

Organ Meat

February 27
I'm glad I'll be feeding these to my gourmand, I may be a zombie, but organ meat is not to my taste....well maybe the brrraaaiiiinnnsssss. You'll find these on the shelves at The Lost Skeleton....enjoy!

Twirled Intestine Kebab Aged Thigh Meat Kebab

Brain Kebab Heart Kebab Liver Kebab

Tasty Worms

February 26
I think my gourmand is going to absolutely love those worms! If, of course, my HA keeps her grubby hands off them long enough for my pet to eat. Try your luck making these at The Alchove, though you do need to be at least level 20. [s]Note that the recipes are incomplete at this time, nor have we completed the research on what other items might be crafted with the same ingredients. [/s]

Silver Bullet Shells Gunmetal Bullet Shells

Gilded Bullet Shells Extra Deadly Bullet Shells Brazen Bullet Shells

Bowl of Rancid Worms Bowl of Nasty Worms

Bowl of Jaundiced Worms Bowl of Bloody Worms Bowl of Bloated Worms

Insects Foods

February 26
I'm wondering if Elsie and Quentin have become friends! Quentin gives bugs as quest rewards and now Elsie is baking buggy treats for us. Try hitting up Half Baked for these new bugtastic foods.

Blueberry Beetle Bites Chocolate Roach Pie

Garden Tiger Moth Chunk Cookies Goliath Brownie Orchid Mantis Cheesecake

Token Shop - Chicken

February 26
A bouquet of fried chicken? Someone knows the way to my heart! Stop by the Token Shop to pick up a bouquet for yourself. You'd better hurry though, before I eat them all!

Crispy Chicken Bouquet

200 Wizard Tokens

Library Quest Shop

February 25

Battle: Wrole

February 22
I definitely wouldn't want to encounter this in the dark.

I mean...if you want to though, I'm certainly not going to get between the two of you, you can grab that tin in the Cash Shop to challenge it.
Rusted Tin of Wrole Fangs

If you have the ability to defeat it 5 times, it will drop these:
Wretched Wrole Music Box Wretched Wrole Beanbag

Welcome Reaper!

February 20
Our wonderful staff has grown by one!
The lovely Reaper is joining us and will be focusing on CWs.
Please make her feel welcome!

A Warm Welcome A Warm Welcome A Warm Welcome A Warm Welcome

Cash Shop: Automaton and Cyber Infiltrator

February 19
I feel silly wearing these -- I'm really more of a t-shirt and jeans guy, but here goes: 

The Automaton (l) and Cyber Infiltrator (r) clothing lines are for sale at the Cash Shop Boutique.

You will be assimilated.

Compasses, a Bird, and a Bee - OH MY!

February 17
Does anyone else find it funny that we get a bird item and a bee item from the Cash Shop Credits Bonus Weekend just a few days after Valentines Day? Get it? The birds and the bees? Okay, I'll stop now.

Amethyst Bee Figurine Amethyst Bird Figurine

Braintree/Paypal | Stripe

There are also some stunning new backgrounds from the Cash Shop in the form of compasses. I'm particularly fond of the Boxed Compass! How about you?

Antique Compass Boxed Compass Key Chain Compass Spinning Compass Solid Brass Compass

Survival Started

February 17
[size=17pt]Survival 2017[/size]

I'm so excited to give my business to Skitters! I suppose he's finally been able to afford his new apartment, because now he's putting his profits to Zombie Love. Add your support by buying from the Zombie Den.
Gray Matter Brain Print Hoodie Angry Brain Beanbag Blue Eye See You Ring Rotten Gums Bracelet

Silver Double EarringsWatership Drown Maneater Mantis Graveyard Feli Beanbag

Pitch Stuffed Moth Toy Blue Glowing Bug Eggs Bug Me Anytime Sticker Bright Bite Zombie Plushie

Fascinating Iridescent Cocoon Torrent Sweety Dead Plushie Under the Skin Underground Fisher

The above are only a sampling of the new items. To see a complete list of all new items, click here.

Skitters isn't the only who's been busy. Louis has stocked his Parlor with some awesome stuff too!
Free Hug Coupon Sticker Happy Clam Date Ideas White Lace-Accented Nightdress

Plain Marshmallow Pop Green Rose Trio Bouquet Dried Pink Roses Red Assorted Box of Chocolates

Toxic Love Potion Charming Chocolate Snack Mix Purple Sweet Street Platforms Keladaton

The above are only a sampling of the new items. To see a complete list of all new items, click here.

Tiers have been added for laying flowers at the Memorial. You can look up which flowers apply here. There are also four new flowers floating around the site along with the older ones.
Memorial Bundle of Tulips Memorial Bundle of Periwinkles Memorial Stargazer Lilies Memorial Bundle of Gardenias

Don't forget all the other fun and games! Kissing to earn Candy Hearts to use in the parlor, you can add the code [kiss=username] to your signature and/or status. New achievement tiers have been added for kissing! Getting a zombie infection at the center. Finally, don't forget the Survival forums.

Recycling Day

February 16
So, tomorrow is recycling day in my neighborhood. I plan on taking out a full bin of plastics and two full bins of cardboard. I wonder if I'll get a cute little thing like this for doing my part!

Patchwork Monster Doll

Este Evvu Skipari

February 14

Token Shop - The Elements

February 13
Magical elements abound in this new classic tale found only at the Token Shop! Will you buy it or one of the fabulous other items?

The Elements

575 Wizard Tokens

Loyalty Shop

February 10
So who's up for a tea party? You'll want to head over to the Loyalty Shop to fill all your needs for hosting a party.

Tea Party Etiquette Tea Party Blob Kitty Plushie

Teapot Purse Willow Pattern Cake Stand Woodland Tea Party Centrepiece

Lasirus Plushie

February 8
The Lasirus plushies have been revamped. In the process they also made a few new ones which, as expected, can be found in the Plushie Palor.

Silver Lasirus Plushie Aqua Lasirus Plushie Cherry Lasirus Plushie

Coda Caves Minions

February 7
Some lovely crystal and space themed minions have been found hiding in the Coda Caves. I can't wait to get my hands on that cute Meek Crystallite.

Meek Crystallite Tranquil Crystallite

Perihelion Sundog Aphelion

Cockroach Killer, Qu'est-ce que c'est?

February 5
Better run run run run run run to Gunter's Selbstgebraute to pick up his brew of the month: 

Cockroach Killer

Does my sense of smell work?

February 4
Love is in the air! And by love, I mean those chemical pheromone science things! Be sure to stop by the Token Shop to see if the Wizard has anything to help you out!

Pheromone Infused Perfume

Sure hope they don't pop.

February 4
So, when they say "aqua plushies", are they just talking about the color, or are these plushies filled with water?

Aqua Ontra Plushie Aqua Swampie Plushie Aqua Torrent Plushie

Aqua Chai Plushie Aqua Cybill Plushie Aqua Jollin Plushie

These new aqua plushies restock at the Plushie Parlor.

February Collection

February 1
Its already February?! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was frantically shopping for Luminaire and stuffing gifts under my friends' trees. As always, you can pick up the February 2017 Collection (as well as older collection bags) from the Cash Shop.

February 2017 Collection

Survival Traditions Volcanic Rock Bebe Bumble Embroidery Fragile Spirit Wing

The following items transform into each other. The Seashells and Bones is the actual item found in the collection.

Seashells and Bones Starfish and Bones

There's No Time to Waste

January 30
Don't waste any time! Head over to Dara's Darlings right away to start bonding with this adorable minion.


And speaking of waste...the recycle beast has been hard at work. You'll find this new beanbag within the huge pile of waste at the Recycle Center Shop
Gold Watch Rabbit Beanbag

New Demi Beanbags

January 29
Demi Beanbags come in these six new colors: 

Aqua Demi Beanbag Marsh Demi Beanbag Nuclear Demi Beanbag

Silver Demi Beanbag Golden Demi Beanbag Cherry Demi Beanbag

They restock at the Beanbag Shop, but with them being rarity 55 and up, you gotta be quick to get one.
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