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The Witch with the Oven

December 21
Battlers rejoice! A final Cash Shop challenger has arrived! And one that drops a T10 weapon as part of the battle loot!

Bewitching Oven

If you manage to defeat her 5 times, you'll gain these three items!

Liberated Gingerbread Kids | Malevolent Gingerbread Peel | Unkempt Lain Nest


December 20
Have you been taking your daily dip at the Bathhouse? If so, you may be able to afford one of the newest items for sale in the Bathhouse Shop. Personally I'm partial to the Candle Bath Token. If you haven't managed to accumulate any bathhouse tokens, don't despair. If you participate in the Quest-a-thon and we succeed in the goal, you'll have 5 tokens to spend!

Flower Bath Token | Candle Bath Token | Forgotten Novel

Towel Attendant | Steam Spirit | Steam Spirit Beanbag

December Delish Sets

December 19
As 2016 comes to a close, it's time to think about your sincere loyalty to Subeta. Perhaps one of these new Delish sets from the Cash Shop Boutique will help you with your holiday spirit!

Delish Sincere set | Delish Loyal set

Dirty trick!

December 16

Nostalgic Paralix Instructions

These brand-new instructions are in the Token Shop, but I bet most of you had bought one of those dresses that just came out and are in the middle of your 12-hour moratorium.

If you manage to snag one, you can take it to Vanya's Workshop, where he might make you one of these (if you bring him the right ingredients.)

Nostalgic Paralix Toy

Why would you want one of those, you ask?  Because Vanya could use it to turn your active pet into one of these -- just in time for the Chinese New Year:

Now, don't you wish you hadn't bought that dress, you impulsive shopper, you?  

Bonus Weekend

December 16
Its time for another bonus weekend. Get one of these items plus extra CSC when you buy credits from the Cash Shop until 8pm Monday.

Zircon Crystal Crown | Citrine Scepter
Braintree/Paypal | Stripe
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