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Flesh Glove

April 8
Have you ever wanted to wear a Saggi cloak over a puffy skirt? Layer two skirts over each other? Wear certain dresses or skirts with a ring? If you have, you might have ended up with an HA with a strange skirt colored hand, but you can solve all these problems with these fantastic skin-toned Single Sheer Gloves. You'll have to haunt the Accessory Bin to pick up your favorite skin-tone.

Single Sheer Glove (Base 1) Single Sheer Glove (Base 2) Single Sheer Glove (Base 3) Single Sheer Glove (Base 4)

Single Sheer Glove (Base 5) Single Sheer Glove (Base 6) Single Sheer Glove (Base 7) Single Sheer Glove (Base 8)

Single Sheer Glove (Base 9) Single Sheer Glove (Base 10) Single Sheer Glove (Base 20) Single Sheer Glove (Base 21)

Sorry about the downtime.

April 7
We apologize for the downtime this morning.  We're still investigating into what happened. 

Let us know if there are features which should be working but aren't. 

Thanks for your patience!

Goddess Hair Dye Recolors - Quest Shop

April 5
Excuse me -sniffles- I don't know what you're talking about -chokes back a sob- I'm not crying because there are more colors of a hair, you're out of your mind clearly.
But if I were, it would be because of the amazing recolors you can find in Maleria's section of the Quest Shop.

Goddess Black Hair Dye Goddess Blue Hair Dye Goddess White Hair Dye Goddess Red Hair Dye Goddess Pink Hair Dye

Goddess Orange Hair Dye Goddess Nuclear Hair Dye Goddess Blonde Hair Dye Goddess Brown Hair Dye Goddess Ashen Hair Dye

Monthly Brew

April 5
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Its that time of the month again! If you've signed up for Gunter's Club, you should have gotten an event directing you to pick up this month's beer.

Honey Bumpkin

Steamwork Demi

April 4
Another pet has been added to the stable, the Steamwork Demi. Visit Yun Enterprises to get the plans.

Steamwork Demi Schematic

Timey Wimey

April 2
This little guy is certainly wibbly wobbly, wonder who Dara enticed it from? You'll have to spend a lot of time at Dara's Darlings to lure this one away from the shop.

Timey Wimey

New feature: Currency Converter

April 1
NEW feature:  Currency Converter!

Short on recycle points, but flush with Wizard Tokens? Got plenty of CSCs, but too lazy to frag for crystals?

Try our automated currency converter which, for a modest exchange rate, will allow you to convert one type of currency into another!

At this time, we only support these currencies: Wizard Tokens, CSCs, Quest Points, Recycle Points, and Crystals.

April Collection

April 1
This month's collection bag has swarmed into the Cash Shop.

April 2017 Collection

Wooden Bee Box Queen of Wildflowers Plushie Book Of Pollinators Homemade Feeder

The following items transform into each other, with the Firefly Petal Charm the actual item in the collection bag.
Firefly Petal Charm Hawk Moth Petal Charm

Magic Powder

March 31
Look into my eyes, relax....yes, that's it. Now make your way to the Token Shop and grab this amazing powder to develop your own powers of persuasion.

Compressed Magic Powder
400 Wizard Tokens

Quest Shop

March 31
Rave isn't really my scene, but I do love that hair, and one can never go wrong with food for my gourmand, or reading materials. You'll find these items in Maleria's section of the quest shop.

Rave Matter Caring For Your Rave Matter Goddess Purple Hair Dye

Large Collar Crop Top Sweet Matter Wine All The Best Things Glow Sticker

Head on over to Yun Enterprises if you're interested in picking up the plans for the latest steamwork pet.

Steamwork Serpenth Schematic

Panzers Panzers Everywhere

March 29
Need to vent some frustrations? Head on over to the Battle Coliseum and hunt up some Panzer Hydras in the Events tab. There will be at least 5 tiers to this challenger, so get to fighting.

Wind-Up Hydra Panzer Hydra Beanbag Panzer Hydra Plushie

Panzer Hydra Cake Pops Tread Repairs in the Field Atebus Warfare Vehicles

Panzer Hydra Scales Panzer Hydra Gauntlet Panzer Hydra Blade

Steaming Panzer Hydra Sticker Panzer Hydra Gas Canister Panzer Hydra Broken Brass Tooth Panzer Hydra Bent Brass Piece

Beating each tier 10 times will drop a medal which you can use to unlock the next tier.

Brass Panzer Hydra Medal Bronze Panzer Hydra Medal Silver Panzer Hydra Medal Gold Panzer Hydra Medal

Note: Using the medal to unlock the next tier challenger will delete the medal from your account.

Rid Yourself

March 27
Do you have unsightly body hair that you just can't seem to get rid of?
(Do you have pet checklists that you don't use but haven't been able to get rid of?)
Do you like to shave one armpit but not the other?
(Do you need to keep track of books for one pet but not foods?)
Excessive hair growth got you down?
(Unneeded checklists bug the bejeebers out of you?)
Finally, the solution you have been waiting for is here!
(Finally, the solution you have been waiting for is here!)

Call right now!
(Go to your MY ACCOUNT page.)
Make your color selection.
(Add or remove pets from food or book checklists.)
Operators are standing by!
(Don't forget to enter your password.)
So call today!
(Please don't call me.)

Some restrictions may apply. All sales final, no returns or exchanges. Consumer must pay applicable sales tax. Offer limited to stock on hand; no rain checks are available. Offer not applicable to prior or pending orders. No adjustments can be made on previous purchases. Discount has no cash value. Void where prohibited, taxed or otherwise restricted. Product prices already reflect final sale discount.
(You need to log out and back in for changes to take effect. You can't designate a checklist as private or public until it contains at least one item; also a list won't show up on the sidebar widget until it has one item.)

Recycle Beast + Crystal Shop

March 27
Just in time to join the rest of Lower Ziara, head on over to the Recycle Shop for your very own circuitry accent.

Busted Circuitboard


Have you've got some extra crystals lying around? I mean, who doesn't right? Trip on over to the Crystal Shop. You can grab your very own egg, maybe open it up for a spiffy new mask to dance the night away.

Pink Sparkly Vesnali Egg

Button Downs!

March 25

Steamwork Zasaba

March 25
Isaac has been busy creating the new Steamwork Zasaba. Get your schematic between 8am and 8pm at Yun Enterprises.
Steamwork Zasaba Schematic


March 24
Dance your cares away,
Worry's for another day,
Let the music play,
Down at Subeta!

Masquerade has begun! Be sure to put on your dancing shoes, a fun Masquerade-approved mask, and something festive to wear! Collect all of the Lounge Trinkets and Steamworks Trinkets you can and spend them wisely! This is only the first wave of items! Below is a sampling of what you can expect!

Pesto Asparagus Risotto Tuile TRAPPIST Discovery Punch Buffalo Chicken Wonton Cup

Click here for a full list of 2017 Libertine Lounge items

Green Lace Chelon Applique Cog Patterned Dapper Whale Beanbag Lacy Purple Stick Mask

Click here for a full list of 2017 Steamworks Menagerie items


In addition to the Libertine Lounge and Steamworks Menagerie getting new inventory, Migrating Masks has also gotten some new stock! Be sure to stop by if you need a new, stylish mask!

Blue Shard Mask Gold Shard Mask

Pink Shard Mask Rust Shard Mask Silver Shard Mask

Masquerade Endeavor Mask Masquerade Neela Mask Masquerade Tigrean Mask

Masquerade Zasaba Mask Masquerade Day Zentu Mask Masquerade Night Zentu Mask

Cash Shop: Rave Shots

March 20
Get down, get down, get down, get down tonight. In Lower Ziara maybe? Maybe these eyes from the Cash Shop will help you blend in with the teeming masses.

Danger Rave Shot Hazard Rave Shot

Irradiated Rave Shot Nuclear Rave Shot Turbulent Rave Shot

Cash Shop Battle Challenger - March

March 20
Prepare your battle sets! It's time for a battle of epic proportions! Visit the Cash Shop to pick up the Discarded Droid Face Plate to unlock C.A.P.S. Droid as a challenger!

Discarded Droid Face Plate

The C.A.P.S. Droid drops two items after you have beaten it five times!

C.A.P.S. Droid Plushie Crystal Infused Chip

Delish - Nova & Stardust

March 19
And the stars look very different today
~David Bowie~

Would you rather play in stardust or see a nova? Take a stroll over to the Cash Shop if you'd like a closer look!

Delish Nova Line | Delish Stardust Line

Lots of Chocolate? Yes, Please!

March 18
I wonder if there is a lot of chocolate in a Choco Lot. Be sure to pick up two as it's both a food and minion!

Choco Lot

350 Wizard Tokens

March - CS Bonus Weekend

March 18
It's that time again folks - Bonus Cash Shop weekend! If you purchase CSC this weekend, you'll receive one of these lovely aquamarine items. I'm sensing a birthstone theme happening...

Aquamarine Glow Headphones
Aquamarine Glow Daffodils

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