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Bountiful Bouquets with Esther

May 16
Want to get in that Vesnali spirit? Have spare flowers lying around (hah!)? Well good news! You can help Esther create bouquets for the upcoming nuptials.

Check the notes for each bouquet to see how many of each flower are needed to achieve the correct combination with Esther.

Below you can see a sampling of the options. There are 25 new bouquets, you can see them all here.

Faded Purple Rose and Red Moth Orchid Bouquet Starlight Menagerie Bouquet

Romantic Cascading Bouquet Apple Custard Columbine and Yellow Lachenalia BouquetWhite Calla Lily and Pink Tulip Bouquet

Vesnali 2017

May 14
Vesnali is finally here! Be sure to pick up those floating flowers to exchange with your friends for Vesnali Coins.

Pink Azaleas Red Sweet Pea Sprig Yellow Handful of Daisies

For a full list of this year's floating flowers, click here.

After you have collected some Vesnali Coins, go to Esther's Shop to spend them!

Growable Priggle Beanbag Cubed Beet and Feta Cheese Salad Hedgehog

Hard Slice Dragon Fruit Candy Purple Succulent Plushie Seasonal Seeds

Black Calla Wings Blonde Long-Haired Guinea Pig Toy Kiwi Bonsai Tree

Peachy Green Bunting Sophisticated Hen Toy Closed Paradise Floral Jacket

For a full list of this year's items from Esther's shop, click here.

Also, be sure to visit Charity to pick up an invitation to the wedding!

Spring Wedding Invitation


May 14
My gourmand is looking forward to this dish. I love it with shrimp, snow peas and broccoli, what's your favourite version? Grab a mouthful from the Token Shop, unless, of course, you'd rather get one of those tired old items.

Pasta Primavera

New Throwback Challengers Loot

May 12
You can fight a coin or a deadly Cobra, the choice is yours but you have until June 8th to do so!

The Spirited Shrine Coin brings a new loot that can teach you one or two things:

How to Tame Spirits

Vehnam also brings a new loot but this time you can have something new to wear:

Vehnam Shrug
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