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Keyhole Dresses

December 15
What pretty dresses. I got the white one from the Token Shop, hopefully I'll be able to hit a restock in 12 hours and get the black one. Which do you like best?

White Baby Doll Cat Keyhole Dress | Black Baby Doll Cat Keyhole Dress

And don't forget the latest ornaments, like we seem to have. Sephora says they are the last she is making, but I don't know if that means they are the last of the new ornaments, or just the last one that will be available from both the Cavern of Curios and Melody's Old Box of Ornaments

White Saheric Glass Gourd-Shaped Lantern | Turquoise Saheric Glass Gourd-Shaped Lantern | Red Saheric Glass Gourd-Shaped Lantern

Lime Saheric Glass Gourd-Shaped Lantern | Amber Saheric Glass Gourd-Shaped Lantern | Seaglass Saheric Glass Filigree Lantern

Rose Saheric Glass Filigree Lantern | Purple Saheric Glass Filigree Lantern | Fire Saheric Glass Filigree Lantern | Amber Saheric Glass Filigree Lantern

Special Edition Framed Oatmeal Photo

December 15
"Oatmeal has a home now" is one of those statements that will make your non-Subeta friends look at you funny.  But with the release of that news comes the prize for the winners of the Design Oatmeal a Home contest:

Special Edition Framed Oatmeal Photo

If you are not one of the winners, you can pick up the prize in the Millionaire Center for thirty-five million simoleons.  Should that be too rich for your blood, you can also pick up these earlier-released participation prizes:

Oatmeal In A Raincoat Plushie | Thank You Note From Oatmeal.

Nostalgic Darkonite

December 12
Hope you manage to visit Melody's cottage every day so you'll earn Essence Of Melody and be able to make one of these fabulous Nostalgic Darkonites. To make one you'll need to head over to Vanya's Workshop with a copy of Nostalgic Darkonite Instructions. If you didn't pick up a copy from the Token Shop, they'll be restocking at Thimble & Co. Vanya will send you on a quest for two items plus a Wood Carvers Kit to make a Nostalgic Darkonite Toy. Turn in the toy along with Essence Of Melody to make your Active Pet a Nostalgic Darkonite.

Nostalgic Darkonite Instructions | Nostalgic Darkonite Toy

Bird Ornaments

December 11
Feed the birds, tuppence a bag
Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag

Oh wait... These aren't real birds! Don't feed them! Put them on your tree instead!

Lifelike Foam Bluejay Ornament | Lifelike Foam Cardinal Ornament | Lifelike Foam Chickadee Ornament

Lifelike Foam Crow Ornament | Lifelike Foam Robin Ornament | Lifelike Foam Titmouse Ornament

And one more fed, I mean, added later...

Lifelike Foam Round Robin Ornament

Aqua Beanbags

December 10
What do you think of aqua? Is it a cool, wintery color? Or is it a fun, summery color? Either way, try to snag some of these new aqua beanbags from the Beanbag Shop.

Aqua Anyu Beanbag | Aqua Cybill Beanbag | Aqua Donadak Beanbag | Aqua Dragarth Beanbag

Aqua Kanis Beanbag | Aqua Ontra Beanbag | Aqua Terracoon Beanbag | Aqua Zentu Beanbag
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