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Crashy's book collection: Eqquix

(Subeta username: Crash)

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100 Degrees Issue 1

100 Degrees Issue 2

1000 Ways To Eat A Pumpkin

1001 Luminaire Recipes

101 Costume Party Ideas!

101 Lime Recipes

101 Silly Balloon Things

101 Things To Do With A Beach Ball

101 Uses for Jelly

101 Uses for Llama Spit

101 Uses for Zombie Drool

101 Ways To Bribe The Old Wizard

101 Ways to Cook Terrseo

103 Things To Do With a Pumpkin

2011 Memory Book

2012 New Years Resolution Book

2014 Inspirational Quotes

2014 Predictions

25 Luminaire Scenes

529 Donuts

76 Card Games

A Blobby Lumineve

A Collection of Verses

A Day at the Carnival

A Fairytale

A Few Loose Screws

A Guide To Dirty Dancing

A Guide to Downtown

A Guide to Minions I

A Guide to Minions II

A History of Birthdays

A History of Dancing

A History of Dark Matter

A History of Fireside

A Hole Too Deep

A Knights Tail

A Lizardly Tale

A Love Tragedy

A Pirates Guide to Swashing Buckles and Bucaneering

A Postcard from Insanity

A Reflective Mind

A Revolution History

A Scary Book

A Secluded History

A Tale of Trickery

A Telenine Lumineve

About Coffee

Achieving Literacy

Actually Airborn Almanac of Airships

Advanced Rhyming

Advanced Seashell Collecting

Adversary Almanac

Ai no Torrey Koibito

Airships to Zeppelins

Alexander Takes A Gander

Alexanders Sea Tails

Alien Summoning Tablet

All About Balloons

All About Cavies!

All About Coins
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