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courtedbydeath's tree ornament collection

(Subeta username: Phantomhive)

Items Owned | Items Needed

Amy Tree Decoration

Angel Kumos Tree Topper

Aqua Crystal Ornament

Arctic Frost Painted Ornament

Black Giant Bow

Black Pearl Garland

Black Pearl Ornament

Black Toy Train Ornament

Black Tree Skirt

Blue Butterfly Ornament

Blue Candy Skull Ornament

Blue Crystal Ornament

Blue Festive Luminaire Lights

Blue Strand Lights

Blue Toy Train Ornament

Blue Tree Skirt

Broken Bead Chain

Bronze Bauble

Brown Tree Skirt

Candy Skull Ornament

Carved Pumpkin Ornament

Centropolis Painted Ornament

Chibi Kumos Bauble

Chocolate Cake Ornament

Chocolate Cupcake Ornament

Compy Ornament

Cupcake Ornament

Deluxe Melody Tree Topper

Fancy Silver Feather Ornament

Feli Bauble

Glass Zeppelin Ornament

Gold Bunny Ornament

Pumpkin Ornament

Red Butterfly Ornament

Shadowglen Painted Ornament

Silver Garland

Silver Traditional Candle

Snow Trinket

White Giant Bow

White Single Mini Tree Light
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