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This strange, bird-shaped robot may appear to be a toy at first glance. However, it pulses with immense holy power, as Lucent has purified and restructered Avarice into a laser cannon with deadly talons.

Rarity: 165 (Gentech Combo)
Type(s): Clothing, Weapon
Restock Location: Does Not Restock
Official Price: 0 sP
Estimated User Shop Price: 50,000,000 sP
Subeta Item ID: 11146
Notes: Genetech Lab Combination: Avarice + Lucent
Tier: 7
Attack: 16 16
Defense: 6 6
Use: Infinite Healing: None
Freezing: None Stealing: None
Effects: None
Mod Slots: 4
Est Price: 987,978 sP
Weap Notes: Main Attack: 32 icons
With Sentinel equipped:
Attack: 18 Physical, 18 Light (36 icons)
Defense: 7 Physical, 7 Dark (14 icons)
Curse: Falcons Light 3 Light, 1 Water (4 icons)
Other: Heals 5-6%
Male Preview
Female Preview