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An ancient ball of solidified plasma, said to have been burning since the beginning of time...It can be moved with the power of your will, but be careful to never. Ever. Touch it...

Rarity: 165 (Genetech Combo)
Type(s): Clothing, Weapon
Restock Location: Does Not Restock
Official Price: 0 sP
Estimated User Shop Price: 100,000,000 sP
Subeta Item ID: 11188
Notes: Genetech Lab Combination: Balrog + Eternal
Tier: 7
Attack: 16 16
Defense: 6 6
Use: Infinite Healing: None
Freezing: None Stealing: None
Effects: None
Mod Slots: 4
Est Price: 2,449,900 sP
Weap Notes: Main Attack: 32 icons
With Sentinel equipped:
Attack: 18 Fire, 18 Magma (36 icons)
Defense: 7 Water, 7 Ice (14 icons)
Blessing: Synergy Blocks 3 Ice, 3 Water (6 icons)
Other: Heals 5-6%
Male Preview
Female Preview