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April 2017 Collection

Wooden Bee Box

Hawk Moth Petal Charm


Homemade Feeder

      Cash Shop Items

Diamond Color Chart

Diamond Scissors

 Sunbird Gold Wing

Sunbird Flower Stem

Sunbird Tail Feathers

Sunbird Skull

 Sunbird Shield

Sunbird Piece of Cloth

Sunbird Nest

Sunbird Layered Feathers

Elfin Ear Decorations

Elfin Excess Fabric

Elfin Gold Bracelets

Elfin Gold-Adorned Boots

Elfin Green Dress

Elfin Patterned Breeches

Elfin Pine Comb

Elfin Scattered Petals

Living Petri Dish




Single Sheer Glove (Base 1)

Single Sheer Glove (Base 2)

Single Sheer Glove (Base 3)

Single Sheer Glove (Base 4)

Single Sheer Glove (Base 5)

Single Sheer Glove (Base 6)

Single Sheer Glove (Base 7)

Single Sheer Glove (Base 8)

Single Sheer Glove (Base 9)

Single Sheer Glove (Base 10)

Single Sheer Glove (Base 20)

Single Sheer Glove (Base 21)

Token Shop

Compressed Magic Powder

Skeletal War Paint


Crystal Shop


Green Neon Sign

Blue Neon Sign

Purple Neon Sign

Red Neon Sign

Yellow Neon Sign

Lower City Yellow Cowl

Lower City Blue Cowl

Lower City Green Cowl

Lower City Pink Cowl

Lower City White Cowl

Dusty Purple Jacket

Dusty Blue Jacket

Dusty Brown Jacket

Dusty Gray Jacket

Dusty Green Jacket

Blue Fabric Mask

Green Fabric Mask

Gray Fabric Mask

Orange Fabric Mask

Purple Fabric Mask

Silver Lo-Tek Leggings

Gold Lo-tek Leggings

Blue Neon Lo-Tek Leggings

Pink Lo-Tek Leggings

Green Neon Lo-Tek Leggings

Hazard Attenuator Goggles

Cyan Attenuator Goggles

Gold Attenuator Goggles

Magenta Attenuator Goggles

White Attenuator Goggles

Red Nightrunner Tights

Yellow Nightrunner Tights

Black Nightrunner Tights

Blue Nightrunner Tights

Green Nightrunner Tights

Purple Nightrunner Tights

White Nightrunner Tights

Veta Lake Cabin SimuLife Chip

Ytiva Cottage SimuLife Chip

Ziara Penthouse SimuLife Chip

Centropolis Skyscraper SimuLife Chip

Delphi Sunset SimuLife Chip

Saherimos Dunes SimuLife Chip

Shadowglen Underground SimuLife Chip

Shengui Guo Bathhouse SimuLife Chip

Beetle Insectoid Goggles

Spider Insectoid Goggles

Scorpion Insectoid Goggles

Fly Insectoid Goggles

Dragonfly Insectoid Goggles

Neon Yellow Eye Kit

Neon Green Eye Kit

Neon Blue Eye Kit

Neon Pink Eye Kit

Neon Orange Eye Kit

Neon Blue Lip Set

Neon Green Lip Set

Neon Yellow Lip Set

Neon Pink Lip Set

Neon Orange Lip Set

Bronze Screwdriver Set

Copper Screwdriver Set

Gunmetal Screwdriver Set

Ivory Screwdriver Set

Silver Screwdriver Set

Rebel Spirit Shell

Rise Spirit Shell

Brash Spirit Shell

Dark Spirit Shell

Pitch Spirit Shell

Pure Spirit Shell

Rave Spirit Shell

Black Leather Hosed Mask

Brown Leather Hosed Mask

Red Leather Hosed Mask

Silver Leather Hosed Mask

White Leather Hosed Mask

Free Gift

Exciting Crate of Intrigue and Enchantment

Battle Loot

Turbulent Gemstone


BlackHeart Hollow

Quest Points

Goddess Purple Hair Dye

Large Collar Crop Top

Goddess Black Hair Dye

Goddess Blue Hair Dye

Goddess White Hair Dye

Goddess Red Hair Dye

Goddess Pink Hair Dye

Goddess Orange Hair Dye

Goddess Nuclear Hair Dye

Goddess Blonde Hair Dye

Goddess Brown Hair Dye

Goddess Ashen Hair Dye


Raining Felis

Raining Ruffies

Common Lifelike Mallarchy Doll

(Available in the usual colors)

Silver Bee Collar Charm

Gold Bee Collar Charm

Driving Rain

Pouring Rain