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Quest Shop: New Monthly Items!

January 16
I'm gonna pretend this is a random one off, and not something that is gonna happen every month *sobs at my lack of QP*


Okay, I'm all better. And if you've been banking those points, head over to visit Carl and Sarah at their respective Quest Shops for these awesome new items:

Found in Carl's Section (the Steak is both a food and a wearable):
Pirate T-Rex Plushie Honey Sore Throat Remedy Healing Steak

Found in Sarah's Section (the Coffee is both a food and a wearable):
Pay it Forward Coffee and Cookies Veta Lake Care Notes Vetan Turtle

Free Gift: Horse Sticker

January 15
Be sure to wish Amber a happy birthday, and stop by the Free Shop to pick up this sticker!

I Love Horses Sticker

Bean Me Up, Shanti!

January 13
We have a brand-new shopkeeper for the newly renovated beanbag shop, now called "Bean Me Up". Please tell me that I'm not alone in thinking about Star Trek every time I see that.

Along with the store's relaunch and new shopkeeper, there are a few new beanbags to buy!

Neela Cheese Beanbag Patchwork Wyllop Beanbag

Shanti Beanbag Squishy Tushy Beanbag Underpants Beanbag

P.S. - We'll work on getting everything on our end switched over to "Bean Me Up" soon!

Friendly Thursday: Maybel

January 11
This year, the Subeta team is trying something different. You can now find friendlier challengers every second Thursday of the month.

First up: Maybel

If you can figure out how to unlock her, she'll be waiting for you in the Battle Coliseum under the Secret tab (this is a permanent addition, once you've found her, she'll remain). If you're even luckier and you can defeat her 5 times, she'll drop these:

Pampered Kitmonkey Homemade Glasses Case

New Treasure

January 10
Have you made it through the Crypts, or perhaps stumbled across a treasure point while bathing? If so you might want to take a look at the Crypts Treasure Room and pick up one of these new items.

Still Burning Torch Crypt Hound Crypts Survival Guide
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