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March 24
Masquerade 2018

The event we've all been waiting for has started! Don't forget to add the handy dance link all over the place - your forum signature, status, profile page - [dance=USERNAME].

The Steamworks Menagerie has its usual new dancing clothes, jewellery and shoes, along with a selection of other items.

Its Time to Duel Sticker Daring Ziaran Tech Beads Pickle Mechanic Plane Maintenance Manual

Pink Skull Corset Pearled Onyx Chain Green and Yellow Triple Layered Skirt Red Neck Corset

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Bunches of very pretty drinks and desserts are on offer at the Libertine Lounge

Passionate Hurricane Half Moon Torra Rush Raspberry Panna Cotta

Creme Brulee Mille Feuille Carrot and Pea Two-Tone Flan Matcha Souffle

For a list of all 2018 Libertine Lounge items, click here
For a list of all  Libertine Lounge items, click here

The following is a complete list of all the new masks at Migrating Masks
Masquerade Blob Mask Masquerade Qrykee Mask Masquerade Yaherra Mask

For a list of all 2018 itemsclick here
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Token Shop: Fortifying Star Flower Pomade

March 22
Spring has clearly sprung for The Wizard too.
Head on over to the Token Shop and snag yourself a copy of this or one of several returning items!

Fortifying Star Flower Pomade
450 Wizard Tokens

Spring has Sprung

March 20

Cash Shop: Hair Coupons

March 20
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Are you ready to play in the Hair Salon? If so, snag one of these new Hair Coupons form the Cash Shop and get to customizing your 'do!

Soul Hair Coupon Poplin Hair Coupon Oath Hair Coupon Eon Hair Coupon Bumble Hair Coupon

Sassafras Hair Coupon Repose Hair Coupon Dusk Hair Coupon Adieu Hair Coupon Smitten Hair Coupon

These Hair Coupons can be worn or redeemed.
Redeem Option: Deletes the item, but gives you the style in the Hair Salon

Cash Shop: Empty Mask Box

March 19
Who's afraid of nothingness? Certainly not me. Nope, not at all. That's not even remotely creepy. Nothing scary at all about the latest Cash Shop Challenger. And if, like me, you're totally not at all scared, grab yourself an Empty Mask Box and take on The Faceless Ones.

Empty Mask Box

Defeat it...them...it...yeah, it...5 times, and you can snag yourself these new items:

Book of Oudenophobia Recovered Artisan Mask

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