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February 24
Hey, did anyone notice we forgot to add the new Cash Shop item and the prizes when you defeat the unlockable challenger with it? Sorry about that!

Eerie Mash Tun

If you use the Eerie Mash Tun to unlock Drowning Betrayal and defeat him 5 times you win a book and a sticker.
Soggy Book of Hydrophobia Inevitable Betrayal Sticker

Geiger Counter

February 23
Are you going to get an old item, or this fabulous new foreground? Either way get to the Token Shop as quick as you can. If you aren't lucky enough to spot something, keep checking back throughout the day and tomorrow morning.

Geiger Counter

Achievement Prizes

February 18
I'm always up for new achievements! Even better when they come with items. You get the bog water through the Tap That achievement, for reading all those scraps and snippets of paper to one pet. The artic sunset comes with the Dine and Dash achievement, for feed all those dot and dash pastries and cookies to one pet.

Bog Water Souvenir
Tap That
Arctic Sunset Snowglobe Souvenir
Dine and Dash
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