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Crypts: Last Known Photos

October 17
Have you been missing that creepy abandoned room aesthetic? Well fret no longer, if you can navigate your way through the Crypts (or get lucky in the Bathhouse), you can snag this snazzy new background in the Crypts Treasure Room!

Last Known Photos

Morostide 2017

October 14
Morostide has started! (If you can get Subeta to load...) That means a whole bunch of new items! Try your luck at the Pumpkin Patch or Trick-or-Treating on a friend's profile! Remember that using the link for random trick-or-treating gives you a short wait time and reduced chance of getting hexed.

Be sure to use your Minion Nip for an increased chance of finding minions in the Pumpkin Patch and your Hypno-Monocle for a reduced chance of hexing!

Below is a sampling of the items you can receive. Click the links below the items for a full listing!

Minor Curses: Stubbed Toes Number One Fan Rag Doll

Merphug Mothman Paper Mache Effigy Limey Hard Candy

Full list of trick-or-treat items

Gourd Witch Embroidered Olive Scrap Ginger Tailed Pumpkin

Gourd Witch Garden Notes Speckled Pumpkin Sprite Beanbag Haunted Feather

Full list of pumpkin patch items

Ian Asmodeus' zapper is ready for you to use and there are possible new skins to get soon!

New Beanbags - Qrykee!

October 9
When will the Beanbag Shop actually have a shopkeeper? If you're still waiting to find out, like me, maybe you'll snag one of these new Qrykee Beanbags!

Aqua Qrykee Beanbag Arid Qrykee Beanbag Cherry Qrykee Beanbag Cream Qrykee Beanbag Dawn Qrykee Beanbag

Dusk Qrykee Beanbag Field Qrykee Beanbag Gold Qrykee Beanbag Lilac Qrykee Beanbag Marsh Qrykee Beanbag

Nuclear Qrykee Beanbag Common Qrykee Beanbag Silver Qrykee Beanbag Sun Qrykee Beanbag Twilight Qrykee Beanbag

P.S. The Qrykee Beanbag will probably be getting a name change. It's missing its color adjective! Its been fixed!
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