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Eider Duck Beanbag

January 4
Have you been a good little environmentalist and recycled things? If so, you might be able to afford this little gem of a beanbag the Recycle Beast has for sale.
Eider Duck Beanbag

January Collection

January 2
The latest monthly collection is here after a tiny delay. Head to the Cash Shop to pick up a bag, or two, or more.

January 2018 Collection

Charitys Favorite Soup Ladle Nurse Training Manual Piggy Graduation Cake Visitors Pass

The following items transform into each other with the Nurse Doll as the item actually in the bag.

Cheerful Nurse Doll Wooden Professor Doll

Don't forget to drop by Charity's for your free gift and a small amount of sP.

Super Sparkly Sequin Party Hat

Happy New Year

January 1
Happy New Year!

Time to get those quests done! The usual quest givers will randomly give out New Year Token as prizes, in addition to their regular items. Participating questers are: Carl, Cinthia, Cursed, Library, Maleria, Pete, Quentin, Sarah, Saggitarius and Wizard. Once you've earned some tokens head over to the New Year Shop to pick up some of these fine items.

Moon Magic Body Lotion Ruby Sequin Bunbun Beanbag Baby New Year Xotl Plushie Gold Loose Sequin Pants

Cut Crystal Baguette Red Staying In Sweater Blue Toned Staying In Sweater Shadowglen Black and Gold New Years Ice Cream

Happy News Story Clippings Doodle Blob Kitty Beanbag Peace and Quiet Feli Sticker Cheezbord

Shadowglen Regional Champagne Dotted Party Dog Horn Pink Glittery Bread Sticks New Year Bot

Click to view all new 2018 items.
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Token Shop: Lizard Sticker

December 31
The Lizard Sticker was released today in the Token Shop.
Lizard Sticker
250 Wizard Tokens

But look at all the other stuff that restocked -- a book, a plushie, a trading card, and a bunch of wearables.  Maybe you'd rather have one of those (...and leave the new sticker for me! Heh-heh-heh...)

Tigrean Beanbags

December 29
Awwww... Such a cute little kitty.... Pick up a newly revamped Tigrean beanbag from the Beanbag Shop. While you're there, see if you can grab a brand, spanking new one too!

Aqua Tigrean Beanbag Cherry Tigrean Beanbag

Marsh Tigrean Beanbag Nuclear Tigrean Beanbag Silver Tigrean Beanbag
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