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Token Shop

May 14
So what are you going to get? I'm still overjoyed with blobs, so I'm going for the beanbag and hope to get another item in a later Token Shop restock.

Storm Blob Beanbag
300 Wizard Tokens

Vesnali 2018

May 12
Vesnali 2018

It's Esther and Emma's first anniversary! Esther's Shop has lots of wonderful items this year for Vesnali. Collect the floating flowers and send them to your friends to get some Vesnali Coins. Don't forget to add the handy code to your status and forum signature - [flower=username].

Decorated Blue Masked Lovebird Plushie Iridescent Hummingbird Feathers Purple Orchid Cap

Cut Fire Agate Geode Growable Serpenth Beanbag Sorbet Sundae Waffle Cone

Origami Elephant Mushroom Pop-Up Book U Grow Girls Sticker

For a full list of this year's items, click here.

Loyalty Rewards

May 11
So many words to mean a grouping of birds - murder (of crows), raft or brace (of ducks), dole or flight (of doves). This edition of the reward card is hosting a flamboyance of flamingos. Pick them up from the Loyalty Shop.

Souvenir Flamingo Figurine An Introduction to Birdsong

Iridescent Feathers Oriole Beanbag Kingfisher Lure

Friendly Thursday: Esmerelda

May 10
Where is my assistant anyway, is it impossible to get coffee around here? Did she die?

If you can figure out how to anger Esmerelda, she'll be waiting for you in the Battle Coliseum under the Secret tab (this is a permanent addition, once you've found her, she'll remain).

Her base stats are (Health 45, Strength 40, Defense 50, Speed 35), so she should be a good opponent for inexperienced battlers. 

If you defeat her 5 times, she'll drop this loot:

Fashion Magazine Prototype Esmereldas Designer Bag
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