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Token Shop: A Really Big Strawberry

May 10
Re - meeeeeem - ber Herman Farbage
while taaaaaaa - king out his garbage
He turned around and he did see
strawberries hiding in his tree
Now he's just ... a memory!

See if you can snag one of these from the Token Shop:

A Really Big Strawberry
375 Wizard Tokens

Rad Tarts

May 5
1 comment
Are you looking for something delicious to eat? How about some new eyes to try out? These new rad tarts from the Atebus Shop double as both food and wearables!

Radbrine Tart Radcherry Tart

Radcurrant Tart Radlemon Tart Radlime Tart

Cece Field Day

May 3
Cece's got an interesting new design, just right for spring! Hope that fashionista has been dropping lots of invites your way. Grab an invite and visit Subeautique for your chance of picking up this set.

Cece Field Day Line

Token Shop: Carnival Sundae

May 3
You can wear it and eat it at the same time! you can find this yummy wig in the Token Shop!

Carnival Sundae

500 Wizard Tokens

May Collection

May 1
Sadly, blob/blub month is over. Well at least the new paper theme should be interesting if this month's collection is anything to go by. As usual, you can pick up any number of copies to get the goodies inside from the Cash Shop.

May 2018 Collection

Papercrafting Kit Shinwa Paper Doll Book Rice Paper Fish

There are two transforming items this month. The Swivel Finger Knife and Colorful Collage Materials are the items actually in the collection.

Swivel Finger Knife Glass Cutting Mat

Colorful Collage Materials Crepe Paper Dye

Did you miss the late addition of this blobby beanbag? We did, but thanks to an eagle-eyed user its now been added and you can pick one up at Bean Me Up with the rest of them.

Vibrant Blob Beanbag

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