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Parrot Puppets

September 22
Th' crew of the Freyalise found some Parrot puppets to sell at the Freyalise Trading Co.  Oh, sure they're not as colorful as  the real thing but they are perfect for those not fond of parrot claws digging into your shoulder while they screech in your ear and poo down the back of your fancy duds.  

Blue | Red | Ebon | Gold | Green

The Crew of the Freyalise!

September 21

The Crew of the Freyalise want to wish you a happy Keel Hauliday!


September 20
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Keel Hauliday!

September 19
Yarr!  Avast ye scurvy dog!  *coughs*  Hey guys!  Subeta has a new shop that's filled with old and new pirate goodies for us.  Its called the Freyalise Trading Company on Delphi beach.  There is only one teeny tiny problem.  It seems the trading co. is only open for 10 days while the crew of the Freyalise plunders.. er.. partake in some landlubber activities.  I hope Babette is up to this..

Here are a few of the new items you - arrrrrr ye be privy to ya landlubber.  The haul this time be Coin or  Skull Earrings, Glitter Pirate Pants (wait... glitter?), yer top o' da line Wenchy Dresses, stylin Bandanas and Bicorn Hats.  

Pink Pirate Bicorn Hat | Azure Glam Rock Pirate Bandana | Burgundy Pirate Wenchy Dress

Glittering Turquoise Glam Rock Pirate Pants | Single Copper Skull Earring | Single Gold Coin Earring

Thar be much more plunder HERE
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