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Feral Accessories

November 27
Mee-yowww! That is one fine, fluffy tail you have there!

New Luxurious Cat Tails, Griffin Ears and Discarded Feathers can now be found in the Feral Accessories trunks at the Cash Shop.

cash shop make up

November 26

Feeling haggered from all your black friday shopping? Well give yourself a boost with these new pretty make-ups from the Cash Shop

Spider contact Lenses | Irritated Contacts | Loaded Makeup Sponges

Aye Eye Brow Fillers | Lashulous Mascara | Potted Gloss

p.s. links lead to all colours available ;)

Delish Ion and Autumn

November 26

Two more beautiful Delish lines from the Cash Shop Boutique.

Delish Ion | Delish Autumn

black friday minions | Bobblehead Collection

November 26

Buying lots of items from the Cash Shop this Black Friday? Then you may find these dark Minions following you home

Black Friday Widow | Black Friday Bear | Black Friday Sheep

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Finished your Cash Shop Bobblehead Collection? Congratulations! These splendid gifts will be yours!

Waterlogged Daisy | Island Priest Flowers | Trident of the Banished One | Elegant Atebus Mask

Diluted Foot Rash Dose | Diluted Love Bug Dose | Diluted Virus Dose | Diluted Boobitis Dose

spots and stripes | hair pieces

November 26
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Can't decide between spots or stripes? Well now you don't need to with these new Spots And Stripes Tops from the Cash Shop

Clear Water | Sour Grape | Cherry Wood | Lily Pad | Charcoal

Flake | Buttermilk | Cream Soda | Berry Mint

...and if you purchase all of them then you get this lovely Spots And Stripes Scarf

More Cash Shop goodies, Vintage Rose Hair Pieces

Lilac | Turquoise | Green | Red | Cream

White | Brown | Pink | Black

Again a lovely item for buying the complete set of Hair Pieces

Soft Lace Bag

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