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Morostide Items

October 17

The Holiday Shop has some clothing to help you with your haunting.
Available in assorted colors

Haunted Tops | Haunted Drapes

The Cash Shop has a new Hypno-Monocle, which greatly increases your chance of a treat instead of a trick!


Are you lucky enough to catch a restock of these at Blackheart Hollow ?

Crazy Stare

Morostide Theme

October 16

What is Morostide without a Morostide flavored theme for SubetaLodge!

October Giveaway #3

October 16
The leaves turning vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow can only mean one thing... MOROSTIDE has arrived!  PLUS its Saturday!  Do you know what that means, y'all? Its time for our third giveaway!  Before we get into that, congratz to Giveaway #2 winners - Tkao, twocents, Cyel, SEA and amandajean  I hope you enjoy your prizes ^^

All you need to do to enter is post your Subeta User Name.  One entry per person.  If you like, lather, rinse, repeat for the other giveaways I'll be posting (4 in all) until October runs out of Saturdays.

First prize:

RoQ Candy SubZero Frozen Gel

Second prize:

Scabbed Sackcloth (Right Arm) Scabbed Sackcloth (Left Arm) Scabbed Sackcloth Bodice

Scabbed Sackcloth Set

Third prize:

Jaundiced Sackcloth (Right Arm) Jaundiced Sackcloth (Left Arm) Jaundiced Sackcloth Bodice

Jaundiced Sackcloth Set

Fourth prize:

Wyrmgears Horns

Fifth prize:

Orange Shark Doll

Good Luck Everyone!


October 15

The Pumpkin Patch is open and Trick or Treating has begun!
We are adding new items as we find them and ask your patience as they are discovered.
Please feel free to post anything new here to help us out. (:

Witches Hat

October 13
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The Graveyard Shop might be a spooky place to shop but it's the only place to find these stylish new Witches Hats.

Blue | Brown | Orange | Pink

Purple | Red | White | Yellow
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