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Bits and Bytes / Trading Card Center - New Stock

August 17
Right in the middle of the fight between Nico and Manwar, some new things have shown up on Subeta.

These can be found at Bits and Bytes:

Rad Game Systems:
Blue Green Orange Pink Purple Red White Yellow

Precision Gaming Mice:
Blue Green Orange Pink Red Yellow

And these can be found at the Trading Card Center:

Ten-sided Dice:

Black Blue Green Ivory Pink

Twenty-sided Die

Blue Topaz Emerald Gold Onyx Ruby

Restock War!

August 17
Hello everyone! There is so much going on I don't know where to begin! First, an argument broke out between Nico and Manwar, right? I mean right in the middle of Titania's coverage of the EPICon. So, these two are carrying on and next thing you know there's a Restock War!

Wow! I must say I didn't see that coming. So ok.. we decide who we're going to side with and there's a twist. Each have a favorite shop that will give you 1.5x the point value of each item we restock that's rarity 45 and above.

So, here's what I did. I went to Item List, put in 45 - 99 as rarity and the shop of my team leader. I made a list so I know what to go after. Maybe that will work for you too!

New Balloons

August 17
The Lakeside Balloon Hut has jumped right in to the carnival spirit with a mess of new balloons! There are earrings, hairpins, llama hats, teddy bears, stars, poodles, duckies and believe it or not, headbands! They come in all kinds of colors like white, red, purple, pink, orange, green, blue, black.. *phew* That's a lot of helium!

Headband Little Duck Poodle Bear

Llama Star Earrings Hairpin

These are just a few samples, they will all be listed in the Newly Wearable section!


August 17
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Be sure to grab your Free Gift everyone. It looks like it's part of something really fun:

EPICon Lanyard

I rushed right over to Centropolis to see what EPICon was all about and look what I found!

Changes at SubetaLodge

August 17
Hello all!

This is just a heads up that some changes are coming soon to SubetaLodge.

Our address is going to change to subetalodge.org (don't worry, subeta.neolodge.com will redirect to the new URL, so none of your bookmarks or anything will be broken. We do encourage switching them over to the new one, though!), as we're no longer going to be a part of NeoLodge.com.

One negative aspect of this is that you'll need to reinstall your profile widgets. They won't work anymore if you're using the http://subeta.neolodge.com URLs. Just delete the widget from your profile and reinstall it with the directions here

We'll be without forums for just a bit, but we'll get them up soon. Comments won't be available on news posts until we have forums back up and they're the source of our news again.

There is a new site shoutbox, though! You can access it from the Shoutbox link in the navigation section.

Don't worry about being logged out/losing your theme. This is a result of our URL change and you just have to reset the theme and login once (assuming you click the remember me box). :)
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