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Beanbag Blobs

April 30
These descriptions remind me fondly of my university days. When I first moved into an apartment with some friends, I didn't have a bed. One of my roommates, though, had a giant beanbag...I slept on that for weeks! Surprisingly comfy, but I was happy when I finally got a real bed.

Grab these from Bean Me Up if you're lucky enough to find any in stock.

Twilight Blob Beanbag Dusk Blob Beanbag Dawn Blob Beanbag

Marsh Blob Beanbag Arid Blob Beanbag Field Blob Beanbag Common Blob Beanbag

Cherry Blob Beanbag Cream Blob Beanbag Golden Blob Beanbag Silver Blob Beanbag

Sun Blob Beanbag Aqua Blob Beanbag Lilac Blob Beanbag Nuclear Blob Beanbag

More blobs!

April 29
This blob month is sure turning out fun! These ones can sometimes be found at Dara's Darlings, you'll have to check daily to see when they turn up. Then you can bond with them to reduce the price, though if you're simply picking up the Soyblob and Musublob to feed your pet, you may not want to bond too much.

Soyblob Musublob Blobssom

Storm Blob Plushie

April 28
Apparently there was something else to say about Blobs after all.

Storm Blob Plushie

It can only be found in Blackheart Hollow.
Please let us know if you find out how many tokens it costs.

Lifelike Mahar

April 27
Did you ever want to wear a slightly smug dragon? Now's your chance! Head on over to the Ruffie Raffle daily and try your luck at snagging one of these adorable new friends. Already tried today? Don't fret, you can give the exchange option a shot, just trade in any 5 dolls you don't need or want for another chance!

Nuclear Lifelike Mahar Doll Twilight Lifelike Mahar Doll Golden Lifelike Mahar Doll Arid Lifelike Mahar Doll

Those are just a small selection of the options available. For a complete list, click this link here to see them all.
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