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Paper Spirit

September 19

Are you feeling sufficiently unlucky yet? If not, why not unlock Paper Spirit with the newest item from the Cash Shop:

Antique Paper Cutting Shears

Who knows, maybe your luck will change and you'll manage 5 wins in the Battle Coliseum. If you can, Paper Spirit will drop the following:

Paper Spirit Plushie Cursed Paper Doll

Subeta Anniversary Items

September 17
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, dear Subeta,
Happy birthday to you.

In honor of Subeta's birthday/anniversary, there are some new items for you to pick up at various locations, if you can! Stop by Blackheart Hollow, Token Shop, Blue Building Shop, and Recycle Shop.

Doll of Misforture
Blackheart Hollow
Thirteen Scoop Anniversary Cone
Token Shop

Unlucky Ducky
Blue Building Shop
Unravelled Lucky Rabbit Foot
Recycle Shop

You can also stop and see Charity to pick up a new sticker!

Bad Luck Club Sticker

P.S. If you happen to pick up the Doll of Misforture, please let us know how much it is!

Loyalty Pet Overlay Totem

September 17
Money can't buy it, baby.
Sex can't buy it, baby
Drugs can't buy it, baby
You can't buy it, baby

I don't think Annie Lennox was writing about Subeta, but the only way to get this item is to wait for your anniversary year (second or higher) and choose this item from the Loyalty Box.  It will give you a credit for one pet overlay (saving you 500CSC).

Loyalty Pet Overlay Totem

Bonus CSC Weekend - September

September 15
It's the middle of the month and we all know what that means! It's bonus weekend for Cash Shop Credits. If you purchase some CSC between now and 8:59 PM on Monday, September 18th, you'll receive one of the items below (dependant upon the payment option you use).

Sapphire Griffin Figurine
Sapphire Canine Figurine

September Throwback Challengers

September 14
Two new old challengers have arrived in the Battle Coliseum!

You can try your hand against the Propellorbot and can grab these items (huzzah, we finally figured out where the sticker was being released after 84 years) if you defeat it 5 times:

I Rotate for You! Sticker Propellor Bot Plushie

If the bot doesn't give you enough of a challenge, try your luck against Vintage Prodigy (man, it's so cute!). If you can defeat the Prodigy 5 times you'll nab these goodies:

Pro Battler Sticker Prodigy Statue

Best of luck battlers!
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