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Nebula Cola

April 25
What do you think: should I feed these to my gourmand first, or add them to my wardrobe? My gourmand is going to scream bloody murder if I ignore her in favour of my wardrobe. I suppose I should try to restock them first, at the Atebus Shop, before I decide. Maybe the choice will never have to be made if I can't find any!

Sterling Nebula Cola Electron Nebula Cola

Cold Fusion Nebula Cola Livewire Nebula Cola Classic Nebula Cola

Blub Minions!

April 25
1 comment
Beware of The Blob, it creeps
And leaps and glides and slides
Across the floor
Right through the door

There are five new blub minions in the Minions Market!

Birb Blub Cube Blub Rawr Blub Neon Blub Frugala Blub

Vanity Sets

April 22
Vanity has been very busy, designing, sewing, manufacturing all these lovely new items. The items below are just a sampling of the ten new lines. They're all under the Vanity Tab in the Cash Shop.

Vanity Airy Cardigan Vanity Bingo Skirt Vanity Brine Shoes

Vanity Caged Jeans Vanity Dime Vest Vanity Pad Sweater

Vanity Shade Boots Vanity Sun Hat Vanity Timber Pants Vanity Wild Vest

For a complete list click here

Stage Fright

April 21
Poor frightened little mouse. Help the little one battle his demons by picking up the curtains from Cash Shop and battling Stage Fright.

Looming Stage Curtains

On the fifth defeat, Stage Fright drops:
Book of Atelophobia Discarded Theater Masks

Cash Shop: Bath Bombs

April 21
Boy, do I have a nose for the news today... Get it? I'll give you a minute to head over to the Cash Shop to see if these new bath bombs help you figure it out!

After the Rain Bath Bomb Beloved Sweater Bath Bomb

Extinguished Match Bath Bomb Freshly Mown Grass Bath Bomb Nostalgic Home Bath Bomb

On a personal note, I was totally bummed that these weren't actual Bathhouse items.
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