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December Collection and More
« on: December 01, 2017, 09:22:31 pm »
Its the first of the month, so time for monthly collection. A lovely old and forgotten things theme dominates this month. You can buy the new collection, plus all the previous December collections and Donation Presents in the Cash Shop.

 December 2017 Collection 

 Building Restoration Tools   Antique Clock   Snowflakes: A Compendium of Patterns   Retro Green Gelatin Dish 

The following items all transform into each other with the Antique Mourning Pendant as the item actually in the collection.
 Antique Mourning Pendant   Antique Mourning Locket   Antique Hair Wreath 

Oops these fiery plushies nearly slipped by without being noticed. You can pick them up at the Plushie Parlor.
 Reborn Demi Plushie   Reborn Donadak Plushie   Reborn Antlephore Plushie   Reborn Legeica Plushie 

Melody's Cottage

Happy Luminaire season to all! Melody's Cottage has started up again for the month of December. To help you remember to collect your items you can add the Melody's Cottage Widget to your Subeta Dashboard. On the main menu go to Personal->Dashboard or Customize Sidebar->Widgets. Then look for Melody's Cottage [add] and click add.

The items won't show up on the new items list so we won't spoil the surprise for you. But you can view the items in the Melody's Cottage List.