Hey, look, things are back to normal!

Another Souvenir

April 18
I'm totally loving these Souvenir backgrounds, and this one is no exception. Even though there are three other items in the Token Shop on my wishlist, I jumped at this souvenir!

Carved River Stone Souvenir
800 Wizard Tokens

More Blobby Things

April 17
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Guess its time to start visiting the Mallarchy Pond every 12 minutes (checks Wizard Tokens - oh yeah, no problem there)! Once you have enough carnival tickets (or if you've already been spending a lot of time at the pond) head over to the Carnival Prize Tent for all things blobby.

Radioactive Blobby Lamp Tarry Blobby Lamp Fiery Blobby Lamp

Magical Blobby Lamp Shiny Blobby Lamp Bubble Bubba Blobby Lamp

New Kora Beanbags

April 15
Visit Bean Me Up and maybe you'll find one of these new Kora Beanbags in stock. 

Nuclear Kora Beanbag Marsh Kora Beanbag Cherry Kora Beanbag Silver Kora Beanbag

Other Kora Beanbags have had their artwork redrawn to match the new design.  The Graveyard Kora Beanbag and the Sweetheart Kora Beanbag have not been redrawn at this time.

Quest Shop Goodies, by Pete

April 14
Is it weird that I want to feed that Rum Bloba to my Cream Blob (when I eventually get it)? Either way, you can find all the blobby goodness in Pete's Section of the Quest Shop.

Mac N Cheese Blob Plushie Roaming Gelatin Ketchup and Mustard Blob Beanbags

Hungry Pete Recipes: Ugly But Delicious Rum Bloba Ice Cream Splotch Shirt

Blub-O-Vac 8000

April 13
Oh come on who wants to vacuum up those cute little blo...er blubs? Well in the strange event you do want to, head over to the Token Shop to get your very own vacuum.

Blub-O-Vac 8000
475 Wizard Tokens
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