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capper09's tree ornament collection

(Subeta username: capper09)

Items Owned | Items Needed
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Amber Saheric Glass Filigree Lantern

Amber Saheric Traditional Lantern

Amy Tree Decoration

Angel Kumos Tree Topper

Annoyed Maleria Tree Decoration

Aqua Crystal Ornament

Arid Bauble

Arid Bird Ornament

Arid Bunny Ornament

Arid Paper Lantern Ornament

Arid Stone Heart Ornament

Atebus Painted Ornament

Baseball Glass Ornament

Baublehead Doll

Black Giant Bow

Black Holly Berry Ornament

Black Icicle Ornament

Black Pearl Garland

Black Pearl Ornament

Black Tree Skirt

Blue Butterfly Ornament

Blue Conical Ornament

Blue Crystal Ornament

Blue Festive Luminaire Lights

Blue Garland

Blue Gathered Leaf Ornament

Blue Glass Lovey Bird Ornament

Blue Gummy Anyu Ornament

Blue Holly Berry Ornament

Blue Icicle Ornament

Blue Koi Fish Ornament

Blue Pearl Garland

Blue Saheric Mosaic Lantern

Blue Saheric Small Star Lantern

Blue Single Mini Tree Light

Blue Stacked Ornament

Blue Star Bauble

Blue Star Ornament

Blue Strand Lights

Blue Toy Train Ornament

Brachiosaurus Ornament

Broken Bead Chain

Broken Maliss Ornament

Bronze Bauble

Brown Glass Lovey Bird Ornament

Chibi Kumos Bauble

Chick Bauble

Chocolate Cake Ornament

Chocolate Cupcake Ornament

Chocolate Mint Candy Cane

Classic Blown Glass Owl Ornament

Cobalt Saheric Teardrop-Shaped Lantern

Compy Ornament

Cream Bird Ornament

Cream Bunny Ornament

Cream Stone Heart Ornament

Cupcake Ornament

Cyan Star Ornament

Dark Blue Conical Ornament

Dark Blue Stacked Ornament
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