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Scode Table


sCode is a list of special codes that can be used in Subeta's forums. It can also be used in User and Pet Profiles, sMail, ForumText, Signatures, Status and Comments. Some codes have an opening tag and a matching closing tag. For example to bold text you would use the opening tag [b], then type in the text you want bolded, followed by the [/b] closing tag. Other codes only have a single tag, like [item=item name]. Subeta's sCode table is incomplete, there are a few extra codes they don't include in their sCode table.

Unlisted sCode

[sub]text[/sub] This is subscript text
[sup]text[/sup] This is superscript text
[s]text[/s] Strikeut text
[avatar=username] Posts a user's avatar. Note that this image will change whenever the user changes their wardrobe.
[li]first list item
[li]second list item
[li]third list item
  • first list item
  • second list item
  • third list item


Unlisted Smilies


Star emoticon
Butterfly emoticon
:moon: Moon emoticon
0:) angel emoticon :pie: Pie emoticon
:cookie: Cookie emoticon



[b]Text[/b] Text
[i]Text[/i] Text
[u]Text[/u] Text
[font=Helvetica]Text[/font] Text
[color=red]Text[/color] Text
[size=14pt]Text[/size] Text
[center]Text[/center] Text
[align=right]Text[/align] Text
[quote]Quote Text[/quote] Image of quoted text
[code][/code] Image of the code sCode
[edit] Just Kidding EDIT: Just Kidding
[img][/img] Image of star rod
[img align=right][/img] Image of star rod
[url=]Subeta Pets[/url] Subeta Pets
[user=keith] Keith
[item=Chocolate Chip Cookie] Image of Chocolate Chip cookie
[item2=Chocolate Chip Cookie] Image of Chocolate chip cookie
Chocolate Chip Cookie
[set=name]value[/set] Sets variable 'name' equal to 'value'
[var=name] Returns the value of variable 'name'
[random=Text1--Text2--Text3] Randomly displays any one of Text1 Text2 or Text3
[br] New Line
[p] New Paragraph
[preview=Chilly Red Scarf] Shows how the item will appear on the user's base HA
[spoiler]Text you want hidden[/spoiler] Image of text under spoiler tag
[spoiler=Custom Spoiler Title]Text you want hidden[/spoiler] Image of Custom spoiler tag
[tot=keith] Trick or Treat @ Keith
[dance=keith] Dance with Keith