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Vending Guide

Contributed by Crashy



Welcome to the Venders Guide. This should give you a general idea (very detailed general, lol) as to what you can and cannot vend at each machine located about Subeta.All vending machines cost 2 Wizard tokens which can be earned by completing Wizard quests or purchased from user shops.

Stay tuned after the list to see quick tips and important notes.

~Burning Chance~
Item Keywords: Blood, Dark, Evil, Fire, Burn, Maleria 
Shops: Apocalyptic Apothecary, The Sable Smithy

Special Item: Dark Matter Potion

~Shining Crane~
Item Keywords: Light (Twilight included), Good, Shinwa 
Shops: Cavern of Curios, Spells Galore
Rarity Cap: 80

~Frosty Claw~
Item Keywords: Ice 
Shops: Avalanche Emporium, Icy Goods, Plushie Parlour, Toy Box

Special Item: Chibi Potion

~Blue Sky~
Item Keywords: Gift
Shops: Music Shop, Book Nook, Beanbag Shop

~Celebration Gift~
Item Keywords: Fun, Game, Green 
Shops: Carnival Stand, Food Market, Bake Stop, Get Mugged, Quick Bites, The Lost Skeleton, Half Baked, Rathskellar Inn

~Dragons Hoard~
Item Keywords: Green
Shops: Sole Train, Grooming Parlour, Clothing Rack

~Prize Get~
Item Keywords: Weapon
Shops: Weapons Warehouse, Defend and Conquer

~Blue Moon~
Item Keywords: Star, Moon
Shops: Trading Card Center, Bits and Bytes, Atebus Shop, Migrating Masks (in season)

Special Item: Unkempt Schematic ParchmentOld Brass Key

~Grave Digger~
Item Keywords: Grave, Dead, Crazy, Brown, Green
Shops: Minions Market, Seedlings, Grooming Parlour

~Ocean Depths~
Item Keywords: Blue, Water, Hydrus, Sea
Shops: Vends from most shops

Special Items exclusive to OD: Riptide, Giant Lotus, Fierce Ice Blade, Pinkolphie, Narwellion, Shrine of Porin, as well as various retired plushies.

Quick tips:

- When vending, know that its going to take time to get the hang of.
- If you're vending for collections, try to hit any and all machines that MAY contain the items you're collecting (i.e. Books can be vended in 3 or 4 different machines)
- If you're vending for profit, always vend when new items are released or when an event that requires items begins or even when new achievements are released.
- You may or may not profit from the get go. Most people don't profit unless they spend all day vending, there are however, those few lucky selling items that people can vend, such as Donation Presents and the Exclusive items.

Some important notes:

- Vending costs 2 Point Wizard Tokens per item vended (Tokens are received as prizes for Wizard Quests)
- Ocean Depths can only be reached after completing the Uncharted Land Map.
- Subeautique DOES NOT vend
- All machines have the ability to give Donation Presents (Collection Items), Potions, or Retired items but the chance is rare.
- Keywords means that the particular word is part of the item name (i.e., Hydrus Subeta Shampoo will vend in OD, but any other shampoo will not.)

Shops that do not vend:
Holiday Shop
Candy Shack
Home Appliances
Stick it to the Man!
All That Glitters
Thimble & Co.
The Philosophers Stone