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Blub-O-Vac 8000

Blub-O-Vac 8000

Too many Bubblegum Blubs clogging up your home? Stepped on one too many Crystal Blubs? With the Blub-O-Vac 8000 your worries are over! This harmless vacuum gently sucks up the offending Blubs so that you may release them elsewhere far, far away from you.

Rarity: 105 (Artifact)
Type(s): Clothing
Restock Location: Token Shop
Official Price: 475 Wizard Tokens
Estimated User Shop Price: 2,790,000 sP
Subeta Item ID: 205871
Notes: Token Shop: April 13, 2018
Male Preview
Blub-O-Vac 8000
Female Preview
Blub-O-Vac 8000