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Read With Pup Plushie

Read With Pup Plushie

There are several organisations that bring in volunteers with well-behaved dogs to perform such services as visiting children in schools and letting the children read their books to the volunteer dogs. This helps the children develop their confidence as well as their reading, as it is not so scary to tell a story to a canine audience as it is to a human one. This Read With Pup Plushie is there to give your child (or even yourself as shyness extends further than childhood!) their very own audience outside of school wherein they may practise to their heart's content.

Rarity: 125 (Cash Shop)
Type(s): Plushie
Restock Location: Loyalty Shop
Official Price: 3 Loyalty Points
Estimated User Shop Price: 5,000,000 sP
Subeta Item ID: 201773
Notes: Added November 10, 2017